Gina Law’s Retirement, Appointment Of New Director Announced For Lake Country CASA

News Release – June 10, 2022

In the 32 years since Lake Country Child Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) was founded, the group has only had two executive directors. CASA’s current director, Gina Law, has served 21 of those years, fiercely supporting and upholding children’s rights. Now, she is ready to pass the torch.

Lake Country CASA’s new Executive Director Amy Glenn with her family (Courtesy photo)

“I have looked for the perfect fit for 21 years – and she appeared,” Law noted.

CASA’s next crusader is Amy Glenn, a Sulphur Springs insurance specialist, mom, and CASA volunteer. 

Law thinks it is no surprise that CASA found their next executive director from within their own ranks. 

“I have always said that we have the best volunteers, staff, and board of directors in the state,” she said. 

Both women boast sterling credentials in the field of child advocacy.  

“Gina Law has been a steady, driving force within this organization for the last 21 years,” CASA Board President Ryan McKenzie noted. “This entire community is deeply indebted to the care she and her volunteers and staff have given to so many children and families.” 

Thankfully, the care given to the vulnerable children in Hopkins, Franklin, and Rains Counties will not skip a beat with Glenn at the helm.

“Amy is the perfect successor to Gina,” McKenzie said. “She has served on the Board of Directors of Lake Country CASA and sees the value of the role of Volunteer Advocates for our CASA children and families in our communities.”

For Glenn and her family, CASA’s cause is one that reaches close to home. 

“Amy has personally experienced, first-hand, the impact CASA can have on communities as she and her husband have fostered and adopted,” McKenzie noted. 

“We are committed to ensuring the continuity and success of the organization and the excellent quality of advocacy for our children,” Law said. 

McKenzie invites the community to join CASA in congratulating Law on her much-deserved retirement and wishing Glenn success in pursuing CASA’s prestigious mission.

Author: KSST Contributor

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