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* Updated: Hopkins County May 7 Election Results

SSISD Bond Election Fails by 11%

The May 7 Election returns for Hopkins County were all in by 8 p.m. Saturday. The Winnsboro ISD Trustees Election took a little longer to determine as tallies from the three counties the school district serves had t be figured.; the school district reported results around 11:15 p.m. Saturday. The unofficial vote total for the Constitutional Amendments Election weren’t final until the results from all 4,023 polling locations across Texas’ 254 counties were reported to Texas Secretary of State’s Office Sunday morning.

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Additional results will be posted as they become available.

Of course, all election totals are unofficial until canvassed by the appropriate agency.

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Sulphur Springs ISD

The Sulphur springs ISD bond did not pass. A total of 1,191 voter cast ballots against and 956 voters cast ballots for the proposition for a $93 million bond. That’s 55.47% against and 44.51% in favor of the bond, pretty closely mirroring early voting and absentee voting percentages as well.

A total of 118 absentee ballots were received, 51 for (42.22%) and 57 against (56.78%). A total of 1,106 ballots were cast in person during the early voting period, 492 for the bond (44.48%) and 614 against it (55.52%). On Election Day, a total of 923 votes were cast, 413 votes for (44.75%) and 510 (55.25%).

Winnsboro ISD

In the Winnsboro ISD Board of Trustees Election voters were asked to vote for up to two candidates to fill two full three-year term seats.

A total of 57 Hopkins County voters cast ballots in this election, two by absentee ballot, 13 during the early voting period and 42 on Election day. Billy Saucier and Brandon Green finished ahead in Hopkins County.

  • Billy Saucier received 20 votes, one absentee ballot, four early votes and 15 on May 7, giving the candidate 35.09% of the votes cast in Hopkins County.
  • Incumbent Brandon Green received 19 Hopkins County votes, four during the early voting period and 15 on Election Day, for a total of 33.33% overall in Hopkins County.
  • Shelby Beaty received six votes, one during the early voting period and the remaining 5 on Election Day giving the candidate 10.53% of the overall votes cast in Hopkins County.
  • Jason Brunson received four votes, one during early voting and three on Election Day, for a total of 7.02%.
  • Marsha Duffey received three votes, one absentee ballot, one early ballot and one on Election Day, giving her 5.26%.
  • David Henry also received three votes or 5.26% of Hopkins County ballots cast in the election, two early ballots and one on Election Day.
  • Richard Banks received one Hopkins County vote on Election Day, 1.75%.
  • Brett Burnett also received one Hopkins County vote on Election Day, 1.75% overall

Winnsboro ISD over the weekend reported Saucier and Green received the most votes overall from all three counties voting. The following are the total of all ballots counted Saturday in the school board election:

Richard Banks -29

  • Marsha Duffey -155
  • Bret Burnett – 251
  • Shelby Beaty -190
  • Jason Brunson – 165
  • Brandon Green – 343
  • David Henry – 120
  • Billy Saucier – 454

Results will not become official until after the canvass at the regular May 16, 2022 WISD school board meeting.

Constitutional Amendments

Both Propositions easily passed in Hopkins County with more than 85% of ballots cast in favor of the propositions. As of 9:46 a.m. Sunday, May 8, 2022,, more than 80% of Texans casting ballots voted in favor of both amendment positions.

State of Texas Position 1

  • In Hopkins County, 85.17% of voters were in favor of Proposition 1
    • For – 2,050 total votes: 139 absentee, 995 early and 916 on Election Day
    • Against – 357 total votes: 22 absentee, 167 early and 168 Election Day
  • Across the State, with all 4,023 polling locations in all 254 counties reporting in results at 9:46 a.m. May 8, the final unofficial counts were:
    • For – 86.01% (1,121,860 votes)
    • Against – 13.09% (169,011 votes)

State of Texas Proposition 2

  • In Hopkins County, 87.19% of voters were in favor of Proposition 2
    • For – 2,138 total votes: 140 absentee, 1,039 early ballots and 959 Election Day
    • Against – 3314 total votes (12.81%): 24 absentee, 145 early and 145 Election Day
  • Across the State, with all 4,023 polling locations in all 254 counties reporting 9:46 a.m. May 8, the results were:
    • For – 84.82% (1,106,460 votes)
    • Against – 15.18% (197,960 votes)

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