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What to do with Tires?

Spring is here, and ‘Spring Cleanup’ is coming soon. By ‘Spring Cleanup’ we mean the annual chance for residents of Hopkins County to take certain waste materials to locations in Hopkins County for disposal. Neither the City or County cleanup events will accept tires. So… what to do?


KSST also contact the local Republic Landfill in Campbell, TX. They will not accept any tires under any circumstances.

Tire Recycling Center

There are at least two tire grinders in Texas. The closest is in Dallas. They will accept car and light truck tires and charge $2.75 each. They ship the crumbs off to other facilities for re-use. If you have a large quantity of tires, they will come to you and load them. Most of the tires left at tire shops end up here.

My old man’s spare tires were only actually tires in the academic sense. They were round and had once been made of rubber.Ralphie

Here is our suggestion.

KSST contacted several tire shops in Sulphur Springs, and they will accept tires starting at only $3 each. That rate is for car and light truck tires only. Rates increase for semi and bus tires, and tractor tires are quoted on site.

So once you have decided to haul a load of old junk tires to your favorite tire shop, be sure to call first and make sure they have room.

Additional information from the State of Texas can be viewed here.

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