Alert: Medicare Phone Scam Attempted On Hopkins County Resident

A local resident reported a Medicare phone scam, and said while she did not fall prey to it, asked KSST to let others in the community know so no one will fall victim to it.

Phone Scam

The woman received a phone call Wednesday from someone claiming to be from the Medicare, Part B office. The caller claimed to be contacting her to schedule an annual “genetic testing.” That ,she said, was a red flag to her, even though the individual seemed to know quite a bit about her, including certain identifies such as part of a Social Security number. The caller, the woman believes, was fishing for more personal information from the resident, likely a ploy to get the necessary account information for identity theft or fraud.

The woman said not only are genetics tests no performed annually, they are typically pretty expensive. She asked for their information so she could check them out and verify they are who they claimed to be. She made a phone call and confirmed from the medical personnel she consults with that the test was not ordered by their facility nor are genetic tests standard tests. People are recommended to get annual well health screening but not genetic tests. If a person needs genetic testing per a medical professional, that healthcare worker would notify the patient directly and contact the patients insurance provider regarding any prequalification or other related needs.

Local law enforcement frequently remind people to NEVER give their personal information, especial ID and bank account identifiers to anyone unsolicited, and especially not someone demanding information over the phone, no matter how legitimate they may seem. If they ask for personal information, ask for their name, work or other ID number and a number to call to verify they are who they claim to be.

Author: Faith Huffman

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