NETLA Hopkins County Junior Livestock Show 2022 Goat Contest Results

The NETLA Hopkins County Junior Livestock Show 2022 Goat Contest Thursday, Feb. 24, featured more than 65 livestock entries, divided into nine classes. Multiple students showed goats in more than one class.

Goat were ranked in each class, then the top goats were judged for over all championship honors. Prior to class judging, those who chose to competed for showmanship recognition.

North Hopkins FFA member Laken Callihan’s Class 9 goat not only won first place. The livestock project was judged the Grand Champion goat as well.

Cumby FFA member Kathryn Taylor’s Class 9 goat earned Reserve Grand Champion honors. Kathryn also was named Senior Showman.

Intermediate Showmanship honors went to Hattie Bland for her handling of the Class 3 goat which was rated first in class. The North Hopkins FFA member’s other livestock project also finished first among Class 4 goats.

While North Hopkins FFA member Jemma Jennings’ livestock project was ranked fourth among Class 2 goats, she still won Junior Showman honors Thursday night.

Individual rankings by class and place in the Hopkins county Junior Livestock Market Show Goat Contest were reported as follows by event host NETLA:

Class 1 Goats

  1. Caroline Coker, Sulphur Springs FFA
  2. Kyle Taylor, Cumby FFA
  3. Jadde Jennings, North Hopkins FFA
  4. Lilly Campbell, Cumby FFA
  5. Charlie Hatley, North Hopkins FFA
  6. William Ebel, Hopkins County 4-H

lass 2 Goats

  1. Claire Monk, Hopkins County 4-H
  2. Braxton Purser, Hopkins County FFA
  3. Susie Tynes, Hopkins County 4-H
  4. Jemma Jennings, North Hopkins FFA, Junior Showman
  5. Braxton Purser, NHFFA
  6. Jamie Hatley, North Hopkins FFA
  7. Kouper Sawyer. Hopkins County 4-H

Class 3 Goats

  1. Hattie Bland, Intermediate Showman
  2. Hallie Lawrence, Sulphur Springs FFA
  3. Kenslie Koon, Sulphur Springs FFA
  4. Blaine Allen, Sulphur Springs FFA

Class 4 Goats

  1. Hattie Bland, north Hopkins FFA, Intermediate Showman
  2. Armando Osornio, Cumby FFA
  3. Lucas Massey, Sulphur Bluff FFA
  4. David James, North Hopkins FF
  5. Landri McCoy, Hopkins County 4-H
  6. Paislie Reiber, Miller Grove FFA
  7. Kyle Taylor, Cumby FFA
  8. Gunner Campbell, Cumby FFA

Class 5 Goats

  1. Belle Bankston, Sulphur Springs FFA
  2. Beau Bankston, Sulphur Springs FFA
  3. Slayton McClendon, Sulphur Springs FFA
  4. Brooklin Jordan, North Hopkins FFA
  5. Lilly Campbell, Cumby FFA
  6. Cayleigh Clawson, Hopkins County 4-H
  7. Braden Lennon, Miller Grove FFA

Class 6 Goats

  1. Brody Weatheread, North Hopkins FFA
  2. Camille Coker, Sulphur Springs FFA
  3. Kennley Russell, Sulphur Bluff FFA
  4. Janie Alberts, Miller Grove FFA
  5. Mary Carter, Miller Grove FFA
  6. Parris Pickett, Hopkins County 4-H/ Sulphur springs FFA
  7. Machelle Allen, Sulphur Springs FFA
  8. Joseph Hatley, North Hopkins FFA
  9. Jonathan Hatley, North Hopkins FFA

Class 7 Goats

  1. Landon Lambert, Sulphur Bluff FFA
  2. Caddi Ivy, Miller Grove FFA
  3. Kinsley McCoy, Miller Grove FFA
  4. Reed Williams, Hopkins County 4-H
  5. Liberty Weatheread, North Hopkins FFA
  6. Sophie Pickett, Hopkins County 4-H
  7. Leah Hatley, North Hopkins FFA

Class 8 Goats

  1. Gabby Osornio, Cumby FFA
  2. Isaac Taylor Cumby FFA
  3. Caroline Coker, Sulphur Springs FFA
  4. Kate Monk, Hopkins County 4-H
  5. Landri McCoy, Hopkins County 4-H
  6. Brooks Burgin, Sulphur Springs FFA
  7. Kenna Lane, North Hopkins FFA

Class 9 Goats

  1. Laken Callihan, North Hopkins FFA,
  2. Kathryn Taylor, Cumby FF, Senior Showman
  3. Griffin Crawford, Sulphur Springs FFA
  4. Kennedi Lambert, Sulphur Bluff FFA
  5. Kenna Lane, North Hopkins FFA
  6. Gaby Osornio, Cumby FFA
  7. Olivia Kelley, Hopkins County 4-H

The top 33 goats, along with top livestock projects from other categories, were ranked after Thursday’s show and will be available for purchase at the Sale of Champions Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. The auction begins at 1 p.m. in the Civic Center Arena Saturday. Funds raised will help the youth’s families recoup some of the cost of raising the livestock, go toward their next projects and toward future scholarships. A full sale list may be viewed on the NETLA Show Facebook page.

Author: Faith Huffman

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