NETLA: 2022 Another Record Year For Hopkins County Junior Livestock Sale

The Hopkins County Junior Livestock Show and Sale was another record year, with at least $545,000 raised during the Sale of Champions, not counting any add-on funds donated to supplement any sales that are still coming in from individuals or business representatives who were unable to attend the auction but want to show support for specific youth. Add-on funds are still being accepted this week at the Hopkins County Extension office located at 1200B Houston St., in Sulphur Springs which is the small office located in front of the Hopkins County Civic Center.

NETLA awarded $16,500 in Scholarships given in memory of Larry Spradlin and Bobby McDonald

Overall, 134 lots consisting one of five species of livestock projects – steers, swine, lambs, goat and poultry – were sold at auction Saturday afternoon, Feb. 26, 2022. In 2021, $475,270 was raised from the from 136 sale lots – proving what most in Hopkins County already know.

This community cares about others, coming together in force time and again to help others, and especially children’s causes. The Junior market Livestock Show and Sale helps young people to become conscientious, caring and responsible adults. NETLA provides youth with the incentive, learning opportunity and business experience to grow into future community leaders for this county. Raising animals also teaches responsibility, results on their actions, and opportunities to succeed – often requiring personal and monetary sacrifices

“You did it again. Hopkins County and Supporters from all over blessed this community with another amazing Sale of Champions. Early totals are over half a million dollars and rising,” NETLA officials posted on the organization’s Facebook page. Saturday evening. “I have been thanked over and over by buyers tonight for what we do but it would be nothing without you guys. Thank you all for the hustling and gathering of funds and the deal brokering that went on tonight I know it takes a lot but it’s paying dividends in the lives of these kids.”

Those who did not get a chance to donate “add-on” funds may still do so over the next week by contacting Barbara Sanders at Hopkins County AgriLife Extension Service.

“If you missed tonight the books will be open through next week so you can stop by the extension office to make add-ons. Once again, thank you to everyone that helps put this together and all of those who come out to support us,” the NETLA post stated.

That unofficial, working total also does not include the $13,000 raised from the auction of a steer and swine for $6,000 and $7,000 each for scholarships. The scholarship steer was donated by the Stanley family. A long list of individuals, financial institutions and businesses pooled their resources, most if not all after already bidding on and purchasing livestock projects from Hopkins County FFA and 4-H members.

And exhibitors were also asked to sell tickets in a raffle benefitting Bids for Kids, this will allow all the money raised to go to the kids sales, especially those that may not have generated as much as others. Case Fails received a buckle for most ticket sales.

NETLA awarded $16,500 in Scholarships to nine youth who’ve been involved in the shows for multiple years. Awards were given in memory of Larry Spradlin and Bobby McDonald. Beau Bankston, Micah Flemens and Jaylyn Hrabal received $2,500 scholarships. Parris Pickett and Kenna Lane each received $2,000 scholarships. Penelope Deterding and Cash Vititow were awarded $1,500 scholarships. Griffin Crawford and Ellie Kate Daniel received $1,000 scholarships.

Each exhibitor had the option to compete in a showmanship round as well as Class divisions, with Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champions recognized in most as well. Nineteen heifers also were shown in five classes, showmanship and Grand and Reserve Champion titles awarded; heifers are not sold during the Junior Market Livestock Show and Sale of Champions.

Showmanship awards were awarded to top rated youth based on three age divisions – senior, intermediate and junior – for their handling and presentation of their livestock project in six age categories.

A showmanship award, Reserve and Grand Champion honors were also presented to top rated students in the agriculture mechanics contest featuring nine class categories for projects the Hopkins County students built. This portion of the show is conducted on Tuesday afternoon during the Junior Market Show and Sale week. If you’ve never been to the ag mechanics show, you’re missing out on some great projects, everything from trailers to swings, grills, fire rings, gravel spreaders, gates, dump tanks, skid reel unites, welding and work trailers, picnic benches, mineral feeders and even a gun table for a deer stand. Some projects have been shown and received honors at other ag mechanics project shows. Some students have been participating in the competition for several years. For others, the ag mechanics contest entry was their first big project, and others their first competition project.

Showmanship and champion award winners receive belt buckles instead of trophies presented during the Sale Of Champions. This year’s showmanship awards were sponsored by Burgin Pipe & Supply, Catocon, Running Creek Tractors, Tractor Supply Co. and 5W Contracting.

Author: KSST Contributor

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