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Wildcat Theatre Christmas Show Will Be Performed Dec. 11 In SSHS Auditorium

t’s time for the annual Wildcat Theatre Christmas show. Every year, one of the audience’s favorite shows is selected as the December advanced class production. This year, the SSHS thespians will be performing “The Most Amazing Christmas Play Series in the History of the World,” at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, in the Sulphur Springs High School Auditorium.

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“In this hilarious comedy, seniors Anayeli De La Cruz, Lucy Braddy, AllieGrace Woodard, Caleb Talmage, and Brandon Williams are joined by juniors Khira Young and Austin Crump; and Sophomores Jolene Reed, Oliver Falter and Addison Bradley in presenting this hilarious short comedy,” said Lesha Woodard, Director of Theatre at Sulphur Springs High School.

These four short stories by Don Zolidis turn Christmas traditions on their heads. In “Clausarella,” the reluctant heir to Santa’s empire finds the strength to step out of his father’s shadow and win true love. Kris Kringle and company get a lesson in corporate greed and worker’s rights in “Santa vs. The Garden Gnomes,” while “Revenge of the Gingerbread Boy” transforms the classic confectionary tale into a vendetta soap opera. Finally, “Grandma Remembers Something” explores “the good old days that never were” and proves that nostalgia is a dish best served confused.

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The Wildcat Theatre Christmas show will only be performed Saturday, December 11. Tickets are “pay what you can” and will be available at the door.

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