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Wildcats A and B Middle School Football Teams 7-0 With One Game Left Tuesday

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The Middle School Wildcat football teams traveled to Hallsville to face the Bobcats and all three (A, B, and C) 8th grade football teams came out with victories.

A and B teams recorded their seventh win of the season making them 7-0 with only 1 game left to go.

The A Team won a close one versus Hallsville 15-14. The A team offense scored in the final minute of the game and went for the two-point conversion to go up by 1 point, but the Bobcats got the ball with 40 seconds.

Fortunately for Coach Eddie Flores and his middle school Wildcats, the defense stopped the Bobcats offense to seal the victory.

Wide receiver Jaxson Haire had a great game and had a rushing TD, an INT, and converted the 2-pt conversion to go up by one point.

Quarterback Gage Gideon had also a great game managing the offense in the final offense drive of the game, and staying poised in the pocket delvering great passes to his wideouts.

Running back Alex King ran the ball hard all night and 1 rushing TD.

On both offensive and defensive lines Juan Reyes, Justin Strickland, Aiden Goldbolt, Jeffery Steveson, Dallin Horton, Lucas Shirley, Anthony Solis, Michael Walker, Trey Pennal, Vincient Johnson, Kase Temples, and Aiden Mccarroll had a huge game on the offense and defense sides of the ball, creating running lanes, and pass protection, and getting to the Bobcats offense backfield all night.

The middle school football coach said the Wildcat defense swarmed the football, made tackles, and made plays all night.

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The B team won handedly versus Hallsville, shutting out the Bobcats 40-0.

In the trenches TJ Abron, Jermiah Robinson, Bryson Reyes, Aiden Koon, Kendrick Harris, Blaine Allen, and Jacolby Arceneaux were dominant on the offense and defense sides of the ball.

RB Logan Lowrance had a good game running the ball hard and added 1 receiving TD.

QBs Issiac Ray and Deuce Timmons both threw TD passes and both QB’s did a great job of commanding the offense.

Coach Flores said the Wildcats defense did a great job of flying around making plays and shutting out the Hallsville Bobcat offense.

The C Team also emerged victorious in Hallsville, beating the Bobcats 18-6.

On both offensive and defensive lines Rhett Williams, Emanuel Chim, J. Lopes Jones, G. Lopes Jones, Casey Moss, Gavin Roed, Douglas Corley, Tripp Mckintrye, Carter Anderson, Canyon Friddle, Nathan Cocurell, Keenan Morris, and Matthew Branderburg did a great job of executing the blocking scheme on offense and getting to the Bobcats backfield on defense.

RB Nate Adams did a great job of running the ball hard and had 2 rushing TD.

The Middle School Wildcats Football A and B teams will play their Final game on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at Gerald Prim Stadium versus the Marshall Mavericks.

The action begins at 5:30 P.M. starting with the B team, followed by the A team at 6:30.

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Author: Ross LaBenske

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