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Slaton Files 3 Bills To Ban COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

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News Release – Oct 7, 2021

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Texas House District 2 Representative Bryan Slaton Thursday announced the filing of three pieces of legislation: House Bills 33, HB 110 and HB 125, to protect Texans against unjust COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

HB 33 would prohibit companies and hospitals in Texas from forcing COVID-19 vaccines on their employees. HB 110 would stop state and local governmental entities, including public universities, from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine. Finally, HB 125 would nullify unconstitutional federal vaccine mandates and make it a felony offense to attempt to enforce the mandate in Texas.

Rep. Slaton commented, saying, “These bills would serve to protect against the growing encroachment on the rights and medical freedoms of Texans, and I’m urging Governor Abbott and House leadership to support these bills. No Texan should have to choose between keeping their job to feed their family, and obeying their conscience. Texans are free to receive the vaccine if they choose, but mandates are unconscionable. Most especially, we must stand up to President Biden and Washington bureaucrats who wish to force their unconstitutional vaccine mandates on Texas. Any federal interference in the rights of Texans in this matter should be met with fierce resistance and nullified.”

Author: Faith Huffman

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