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Slaton Asks Governor To Call For Fourth Special Session To Address Vaccine Mandates

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News Release – Oct. 22, 2021

House District 2 Representative Bryan Slaton today is asking Texas Governor Greg Abbott to call for a fourth Special Session to address vaccine mandates. Slaton, in a news release, called vaccine mandates “oppressive and tyrannical mandates” which he would like to see banned.

“The legislature has had several good accomplishments over the last nine months, but we have unfinished business. Currently, thousands of Texans are under threat of losing their livelihoods if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. No government entity or mega-corporation should have the ability to force these vaccines on Texans against their will, and no Texan should ever have to choose between keeping their job and obeying their conscience,” Slaton stated in the release.

An immediately called fourth session would allow legislators to “address this issue and other unfinished business on behalf of the people of Texas.”

He calls on Texas Legislature to “quickly pass bold laws to protect the citizens of this great State from these oppressive and tyrannical mandates.”

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Author: Faith Huffman

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