Savannah in the Morning Needs Your Help!

KRVA’s Savannah in the Morning show is asking for your help! Her family friend Steve needs a kidney.

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In 2017, Steve was diagnosed with a renal disease called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). Basically, it’s scarring of the glomerulus (filters) in the kidneys. The disease progressed very slowly, but in 2021 it picked up speed which led to renal failure. 

Steve started dialysis in the middle of August. Basically, dialysis is a medical procedure that assists in the process of cleaning impurities out of your blood when your kidneys can no longer do it effectively and need assistance.  Dialysis is a difficult and time-consuming process but allows Steve to live an active lifestyle as he waits for a match. He is on the transplant list but that list is over 100,000 people. And that is why we are asking for your help. His best option is a live donor, and we are hoping we can find his match soon.

Kidney donation is a huge ask, but saving a life is the greatest gift of all. Kidney donation has progressed to a minimally invasive surgery with a quicker recovery time. And the best part is all the costs of the kidney donation will be covered by Steve’s insurance.

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Author: Savannah Everett

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