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Hopkins County Records – Sept. 18, 2021

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Land Deed Transactions

Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Melody Brantley and Robert Brantley to David Ivan Gutierrez; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Tresia Hooten to William Ray Reed; tract in the Jasper County School Land
  • Joe Byron Suggs and Kerry Jane Suggs to Johnny Blake Weir; tract in the William Gregg survey
  • John Milton Sinclair Estate, Rhonda Renne Sinclair independent executor, to Rhonda Renne Sinclair
  • Carey Sartin and Hillary Nicole Sartin to Iris Carr and Robert Lennington; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Deborah Taylor AIF June Mynell Washington to Reynaldo Jaimes Enciso; tract in the James Gahagan survey
  • Reynaldo Jaimes Enciso to Juan Buendia Cuevas and Jesus Guardado; tract in the James Gahahan survey
  • Candace A. Jackson to Alva C. Adams Jr.; tract in the Thomas Norris survey
  • Jason Matthew Meskimen and Teri Meskimen to Jonathan Reid Aulbaugh Sr. and Patricia Mae Aulnaugh; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • Clara Tennison to Quentin Hardin Wallace; tract in the James H. Starr survey
  • Sara Rocha Garcia and Ivan De Jesus Jimenez Gomez to Maria Isabel San German Rodriguez; tract in the Hayden Arnold survey
  • Jim Hankins and Angela Mobley, independent executor for the Trudy Hankins Estate, to Genelle M. Dahlberg and Waler G. Dahlberg; tract in the Elihu Lindley survey
  • Anthony Ballard and Mary Katherine Ballard who is the same person as Mary Katherine Vaughn, to Laura Ensley and Robert Ensley; tract in the Thomas Stewart survey
  • Mary Pennington and Sonny Pennington to Clint Williams and Cydney Williams; tract in the GC Wetmore survey
  • James N. Binford to Allan Gilbert Binford and James Campbell Binford; tract in the MD Jackson survey
  • Gary Odom to Dottie Cato and Mike Cato
  • Bobbee Bell to H. Keith Hunt; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • Beth Creider, Daniel Creider, Byron Evans and Mary Ann Evans to Danny Evans and Debra Evans; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Taylor Schmitt to Milagros A. Garcia and Noel Garcia Ramirez; tract in the WL Houghton survey
  • Angela Morgan Mobley to Alan Screws and Kim Screws tract in the Marty Ann Bowlin survey
  • Jadyn Elaine Stubbs to Terry Scott Moss; tract in the JG Procello survey
  • Elizabeth A. Moss and Terry Scott Moss to James Laury Moss; tract in the JG Procello survey
  • Paula Tamsma and Piter Tamsma to Azenth Rodriguez and Hermina Tellez; tract in the E. Mitchell survey
  • Rosemary Adams, who is also know as Rosemary Wilson Kirkland, Rosemary Mills and Rosemary Wilson Wakefield, to David Paul Kirkland; tract in the RJ Watson survey
  • Jerome Crossman Marcus, Sam Bonart Marcus and Sam Bonart Marcus Jr., co-trustees for the Betty Crossman Marital Trust, to Jerome Crossman Marcus and Sam Bonart Marcus Jr.
  • Carol Ann Scott AIF and Michael David Scott to Carol Ann Scott; in the JB Moore survey
  • Erikn Schlusemeyer to Amber Strong and Isaac T. Strong; tract in the Randolph Yarberry survey
  • Choya Shanahan to Belle Palmer Crouch and Jack W. Crouch; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Rebecca Klopfleisch to Karen Starks and Randell Starks; tract in the John Binion survey
  • K&B Hunt Investments LLC to Billy R. Elam Jr. and Sheena L. Elam; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Sheila Rae Smith to Jessy Dale Smith and Sheila Rae Smith; tract in the Daniel Halbrooks survey
  • Jane D. Cox to Cynthia Trull and Larry Trull; tract in the HD Parsons survey
  • Robert B. Fultz to Dakota Graham and Rebecca Graham; tract in the Hezekiah A. Hargrave survey
  • Hector Rodriguez Escobar to Rafael Escobar; tract in the William Ewing survey
  • Rebecca Beck to Jason Truman Heard; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Jonathan Newsom to Grason Builders Inc.; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Vicki Renea Hilley to Gere Don Camper; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Ruth Mary Hall, independently and as independent executor for the Lawrence R. Hall Estate AKA Randy Hall Estate to Jackson McClain Massey; tract in the Josiah Thompson survey
  • Craig Buck and Jan Buck to Ty Thomas Giles; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Jana Dodd to Anita Jenkins
  • Koby Price and Tate Price to Kasen Tate Price; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Ellen M. Condo and Gary M. Condo to Carolina Mendoza and Luis M. Mendoza; tract in the Simon Derrick survey
Record books in a clerk’s office

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Timothy Glen Smith and Deborah Luree Belson
  • John Dalton Collins and Kayla Danielle Royal
  • Donnie Merle Martin II and Mary Lucille Foster
  • Jared Lee Mars to Esther Rochelle Sena
  • David Connor Hagerdon and Kacy Lynn Rulison
  • Matthew Scott Calhoun and Emma Ann Boyett
  • Brandon Scott McQueen and Amy Nicole Baker
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Author: Faith Huffman

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