Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs

Hopkins County Records – Sept. 10, 2021

Land Deed Transfers

County record books in Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Adrian Lopez Martin to Two Brother’s Houses LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Dan H. McKinney to City Cemetery Society of Sulphur Springs
  • Hugo Diaz and Valentina Diaz, who is also known by Velentina Diaz, to Selvin Oswaldo Arreaga; tract in the Randolph Yarberry survey
  • Anthony Champagne and Golden Petunia LLC to Felecia Lewis and Tommy Lewis; tract in the W. Hooser survey
  • Anthony Champagne and Golden Petunia LLC to Joshua Caleb Lewis and Kristen Lewis; tract in the W. Hooser survey
  • Sulphur Springs Bancshares Inc. to Robin Leah Steed; tract in the Mark Peugh Addition
  • Lorenzo R. Rivera to Tiffany Marrs and Travis D. Marrs; tract in the JG Procello survey
  • Landon Nabers to Nancy Walker and Randall Walker; tract in the WJ McGill survey
  • Kenneth Ingram to Thomas Ingram; tract in the DP Jordan survey
  • Daniel L. Martin, who is the same person as Daniel W. Martin, and Valerie Ann McCullin to Christin Aguilar Yanez and Juan Yanez; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Kimberly G. Ferrell, independently and as independent executor for the Lanny R. Ferrell Estate, to Tiffany Jan Cross; tract in the Ulysses Aiguier survey
  • Johnny Ray Gibson and Shonda Ann Gibson to Tommie Cherie White-Reeves; tract in the GC Wetmore survey
  • Alfonso Diosdado to Ivan Diosdado; tract in the Jasper County School Land
  • Regena Diane Wubben to Logan Caddell; tract in the Helena Nelson survey
  • Daniel Lopez to Javier Estrada Lopez; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Kristine Pauline Brewer and Stephen Wayne Brewer to Johnathon R. Weber; tract in the William Hooser survey
  • Mitzy Baylus and Ronald Scott Baylus to Catherine D. Stroud and Paul Robert Stroud; tract in the Robert Lee Sr. survey
  • Kelli Geraci, Troy Geraci, Amberly Klika and Landis Klika to Janet D. Slagle and Ronnie Glen Slagle
  • Michael Jean Rawson who is in fact Tommy Rawson and Velma Winnie Mosley Rawson to Alyssa Niewiadomski and Tory Niewiadomski; tract in the Levi P. Dikes survey
  • Susan A. Stearns to Delores Davis; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • H. Keith Hunt to Alysha D. Ansley and Timothy J. Ansley; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Brown Trout Development II LLC to Jew RE Holdings LLC
  • Denise Dyanne Henson to Elton Dan Brown and Paula Renshaw Brown; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Basilia Romero and Jose Leopoldo Romero to Rancho LBR LLC; tract in the James Webb survey
  • Debra S. Huffman and Gary N. Huffman to Virginia Kaye Blakes; tract in the Spring Creek Subdivision
  • Kevin Erickson and Susan Erickson to Stephanie Tarlton Revocable Trust, Stephanie Tarlton trustee; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • F1 Energy LLC to Robert Allen Colaizzi Jr
  • Daniel Martin and Valerie McCullin to David Martin; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Cindy Aguayo Gallo and Luciano Gallo to Elidia Macedo and Laurentino Macedo; tract in the Winney Jewell survey
  • Ralph E. Hobaugh to Selena J. Hobaugh
  • J Baker and Linda L. Baker to XR4 Innovations LLC; tract in the J. Y’Barbo survey
  • Sandra L. Drayton to Jan Dodd; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Virginia Ann Massey to Kaci Johnson and Kaci Kennedy; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • Gail Brewer and David Brewer to Kristine P. Brewer and Stephen W. Brewer; tract in the M. Ballanova survey
  • Ricky Steward and Teresa Steward to Shane Looney; tract in the RC Graves survey
  • Everett Jennings to Ernst Jennings; tract in the F. Carroll survey
  • OCTXLP LLC to Subba Reddy Kondu; tract in the Charles Zanco survey
  • Delta O8LLC, Joseph P. Dewoody co-trustees, Dewoody Living Trust, Sierra Whiskey LLC to Buckhead Energy LLC
  • Kennedy Family Trust, Joe Dan Kennedy independently and as trustee, to Jonathan Kennedy and Jennifer Massey; tract in the H. Nelson survey
  • Jennifer Massey to Jonathan Kennedy; tract in the H. Nelson survey
  • Bobby Metcalf and Lakan Metcalf to Brady Busby and Kinde Busby; tract in the Thomas Stewart survey
  • Sammie Nell Hedges, Nona Beth Highfield, Carolyn Sue Johnson, Mazie Ann Norman and Betty Kay Sanders to Diana Ortega and Ronald Ortega; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • Allison Jones and Lanny C. Jones to Peter Karl Smidt and Terri Lynn Schmidt; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Bluestone Partners LLC, Kyle Booth and Sapphire Group LLC – Series 5 to Summit Bridge Inc.
  • Helen Fisher to Angela L. Dunn and Richard D. Philips; tract in the LJ Crook survey
Records in a clerk’s office

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Frank Jessup Mangrum and Chrystal Michel Bramblett
  • Fidel Ortiz and Melissa Delacruz
  • Michael Odell Givens and Gwenith Nichole Pounders
  • Leonard Lee Trammell and Shelly Elaine Gore
  • Seth Allen Roberts and Karli Leanne Emmons
  • Colton Patrick Miles and Yvonna Lou-Jean Hines

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