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All Invited to Enter the Hopkins County Hay Bale Sculpture Contest; Judging is October 22, 2021

Hopkins County is holding a hay bale contest this Fall, to recognize the importance of hay on the economy of Hopkins County. There’s plenty of time to plan your design; judging will be held on October 22 and winners will be announced at the Civic Center on October 23. The contest is fun and open to everyone, from individuals and families to churches, businesses and youth organizations, etc. There is no entry fee and you may win a nice prize! Below are the purpose and rules of the event.

The purpose of this event:

  • Creating a fun and entertaining way to celebrate Hopkins County traditions
  • Recognizing the importance of hay to the economy of Hopkins County
  • Recognizing the dairy, beef, swine, poultry and family farmers, and all other industries of agriculture in Hopkins County.
  • Developing County Spirit, Teamwork, and Hometown Pride
  • Encouraging our community to show support to this industry and have fun!      

Two  Sculpture Categories :

 Multiple Bales: More than 1 Round Bale    

Single Bales: 1 Round Bale (with/without square bales)

Prize Money for each category

1st -$200.00   2nd  – $100.00             3rd    – $50.00               4th    –  25.00

Rules and Regulations

  • Entries open to individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches, Group Organizations, 4-H Clubs, FFA Chapters, etc. The contest is open to all of Hopkins County
  • Winning Entries used in previous years can be displayed but will not be in the judging category.
  • Sculpture must be of good clean, wholesome nature.
  • Hay bale sculpture can go up as early as September, but must be completed by Oct 21st.
  • Spray Paint and Latex (water based) may be applied to the hay bale. No Oil Base Paint. 
  • Bales can be placed lying on their side or standing on end.
  • You can display a sign for your organization.
  • All shapes and sizes of hay may be used to create your hay bale art. You may choose to use round bales, square bales, loose hay or grasses, sticks or wood, cardboard and other materials to create your sculpture.
  • Entries will be judged on eye appeal, construction stability, use of materials and creativity.   
  • Judging will take place on Friday, October 22th.
  • Winners will be announced in front of Civic Center on Saturday, October 23rd at 2:00 p.m. by the gazebo!

Mail or Email to Enter

Attach drawing of Bale Sculpture and send to:

Shirley Patchen, 240 Turtle Creek, 

Sulphur Springs Texas 75482

Or email to [email protected]

Name ________________________________________________________________

Address for viewing sculpture______________________________________________

Person of contact ___________________________Phone #_________________________

Email Address__________________________________________________________

Entry Form must be received by Tuesday, October 9th   

Hay Bale Contest Entry

Author: Taylor Davis

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