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About That Blue Alert Monday Night …

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If you have a cell phone, chances are you too received a loud alert and a “Public Safety Alert” late Monday night for a “Law Enforcement Blue Alert.” Unless you’re plugged into the alert system or in public safety, that probably didn’t mean a lot to you and didn’t give enough information at that time of night to be much help except to alert you that something was going on.

Blue Alert issued Aug. 16, 2021 on Texas cell phones

While most are familiar with Amber and Silver Alerts, there are six types of Texas Department of Public Safety Alerts designed to quickly notify the general public about a situation involving a missing person. The six alerts you could potentially receive include

  • Amber Alert – to help located abducted children,
  • Silver Alert – missing older adults with a documented mental condition.
  • Blue Alert – relays information regarding a suspected assailant accused of killing or seriously wounding a local, state, or federal law enforcement officer.
  • Endangered Missing Persons Alert – for missing persons (of any age) with an intellectual disability.
  • Camo Alerts – for a missing current or former member of the United States armed forces, including the National Guard or a reserve or auxiliary unit of any branch of the armed forces.
  • CLEAR (Coordinated Law Enforcement Adult Rescue) Alert – for missing, kidnapped or abducted adults or adults who are in immediate danger of injury or death, as well as aid in locating any potential suspects.

The announcement issued Monday night, Aug. 16, by Texas Department of Public Safety asked people to be on the lookout for a vehicle in connection with case in Clay County, near Wichita Falls. A deputy was reportedly shot during a traffic stop, but is “expected to be OK.” Authorities were looking for a white male last seen driving a white four-door Cadillac with dark window tint, vehicle damage and the license plate FXJ-1334, which was not registered to the car it was on.

The man is a suspect in the shooting of a Clay County deputy, according to police reports. The man was last seen wearing dark colored clothing and a dark flat-billed cap. The white car was believed to have damage, including a possible broken or damaged rear window and possible bullet holes. The male was last seen in the car traveling northbound on US Highway 287 in Jolly around 7 p.m. Aug. 16, according to the DPS release.

The vehicle was reported to have been found in Wichita Falls, but he suspect at last report was still at large.

Anyone who may have information about the suspect’s location, or who thinks they see the suspect is urged to call 911 immediately.

Blue Alert flyer posted on the DPS website Monday night for a suspect in a Clay County deputy shooting

Author: Faith Huffman

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