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Meet Chris Lutz P.A. with CHRISTUS Trinity Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic

Christopher Lutz, Physicians Assistant, joined the CHRISTUS team in May 2021

During Spring 2021, Chris Lutz joined the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team in the office of Dr. Chris Meltsakos at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic. As a Physicians Assistant, Lutz can see patients, also diagnose, treat and prescribe for those patients as well as assist in surgeries done by Dr. Meltsakos. Already, he has seen a wide variety of injuries and pain involving bones and joints in people of all ages at the clinic. “In medicine, you really never stop learning. I learn something new every day”. During a KSST Good Morning Show interview with Enola Gay, he stated that our CHRISTUS Trinity Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic is the first stop in Sulphur Springs for orthopedic care., and now you no longer need to go to another town to receive this kind of care. And if for some reason your need cannot be met through our clinic, we can make sure you are referred to the right specialist for your case. “Our clinic can to do it all, including most surgeries performed here by Dr. Meltsakos and we have a wonderful full-service team. Along with our nursing staff, that team also includes our trainers who can go out to the schools to help prevent athletic injuries through education. They also help with casting in the clinic practice”.

Lutz wanted to be a doctor early on in life, and it was during high school that he decided to pursue a career somewhere in the medical care field. After spending most of his childhood in Ft Worth, the family moved to Arkansas where he began his career path. He earned a Bachelors degree in Biology from Arkansas College at Harrison, later transferring to Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, then South College in Knoxville, Tennessee where he earned a Masters degree in P.A. studies. His first job was in Macon, Georgia at “Ortho Georgia” where he continued learning in spine surgery and orthopedic trauma, then with Urgent Ortho Care, and then further training in hand and elbow surgery. “Since I’ve been in Sulphur Springs, I have seen everything from acute orthopedic injury to the Senior citizen who wants to put off replacement surgery for a painful knee or hip joint. We can help many patients with joint pain through different types of injections. But if and when surgery is needed, we are also here for that, right here in Sulphur Springs. Really, our work is all-encompassing at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic and Sports Medicine Clinic”.

Author: Enola Gay

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