‘Grace Under Pressure’ Award to Meal a Day Volunteers!

The volunteers who power the Meal-a-Day service for local shut-in senior citizens were recognized earlier this month by RSVP, or the Retired Senior Volunteer Program which is a multi-county service organization. Please read the letter posted below which nominated the volunteers for the honor.

Meal A Day was honored with the “2020 Grace Under Pressure Award” at the Retired Senior Volunteer Banquet on Thursday, June 3rd at the New Beginnings Church.  
The Award was given for all of the wonderful work and services that the Senior Citizens Center and the Meal A Day Program provided to the County during the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

Karon and her crowd of volunteers

As Director of the Sulphur Springs Senior Citizens Center, which houses the Meal-a-Day program, Karon and her volunteers were aware of the unique needs of already house-bound senior citizens throughout the dangerous COVID-19 months. While being careful for their own safety, the Meal-a-Day volunteers did not let their community down, but continued to work diligently through the pandemic. Below is a recommendation written by Karon to the RSVP Board for it’s consideration.

Local members of the RSVP Board of Directors


Meal A Day has been a vital part of taking care of our County during COVID this last year.  
We  haven’t missed any days of Serving the Seniors of Hopkins County.  Our Volunteers have gone way above and beyond to make sure that the Seniors have a Hot Nutritious Lunch Everyday. 
We lost one of Our Wonderful Volunteers to COVID but the rest of the volunteers just kept working like energizer bunnies. 
They did everything that was necessary to keep themselves and our Seniors Safe.    We Love all of our Seniors so much.  It was so hard on them to be isolated from their friends and families.  Our Volunteers even went to the Store and Picked up Food and Prescriptions when someone needed them to.  
We kept them in Water, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizers, Masks and Paper Towels.  
We had people in the Community donating items and our Seniors would deliver to the Other Seniors that are home bound.  
It has been really something to see.  
I am proud of all of them for persevering this past year.    
They are always an amazing bunch of Volunteers but this past year they have really shined. 

Author: Enola Gay

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