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E.A. Junell

Elmer Anderson Junell passed away peacefully on June 13, 2021. E.A Junell was born on November 16, 1920, in Cumby, Texas to Mattie McQueen and Elmer Junell. E.A. had one brother, Billie and one sister, Donnie.

Quite the athlete, E.A. won the State Championship at Cumby High School in the 100 yard dash. E.A. graduated from there in 1939 and, from there, he went to business school. In 1943, E.A. married the love of his life, Donnie Plunkett and enlisted in the Army.

From Cumby, Texas, E.A. moved to Greely, Colorado for army school at the Air Force Academy. Forever a Patriot, E.A. served his country in World War II and spent time in Burma, China and Tasmania throughout his service.

Following his time in the Service, E.A. learned the banking business at banking school in Greely, Colorado and thus began his fulfilling career in banking. During his career, E.A. worked at Citizen’s National Bank in Greenville, Texas and Sulphur Springs State Bank (now Alliance Bank) in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Always one to stay busy, E.A. enjoyed ranching and always maintained a fruitful garden at his house with wife Donnie. He is also a member of the First Baptist Church in Cumby and has been since 1943.

When asked how he managed to live to such a great age, E.A. simply replies that the secret to a long life is eating little green onions every day!

E.A. Junell is survived by nieces Judy Gillis of Sulphur Springs, Janet Jordan of Mount Vernon, and Carol Smith and husband Steve of Lone Oak. Visitation services will be at West Oaks Funeral Home in Sulphur Springs, Texas, on Thursday, June 17th at 1 p.m., with funeral services to follow at West Oaks Funeral Home at 2 p.m. E.A. Junell will be laid to rest at the Cumby cemetery.

With our condolences.

Author: Faith Huffman

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