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Coach Owens and Football Edge Continue Building on Progress After Week 2

On Thursday, June 17, we met up with Wildcats head coach Greg Owens to discuss how the Edge has gone for him and his squad as the second week of Edge has concluded.

Coach Owens said he still wishes more students would participate in the summer strength and conditioning program, but recognized that so many student-athletes are still away on vacation, participating in a summer sports league, or away on a church camp.

The Wildcats football coach says he still wants these kids to participate in those types of activities, but stressed how falling behind can affect the progress of not only the student’s conditioning as they prepare for football season, but also the Edge.

Coach Owens said that they want the kids that are here in Sulphur Springs to come to the Edge, be on time, and work hard. The coach said he’s been praising athletes that attended the camp this week have been “busting their tails.”

Earlier today at the Edge, Coach Owens and his staff have implemented a new drill, called “The Tribe Test.”

This is a drill where football players had to run to the goal line, pick up a cone, and run as fast as they can in the hopes of making it back to the 10-yard line.

The quick nature of the drill, and making players pick up the cone and as quickly as they can run in the opposite direction, will be an incredibly valuable conditioning drill moving forward due to the nature of how quick some plays in football can be.

According to Coach Owens, the average football play is four to six seconds, so the ability for players to quickly pick up the cone (or ball), and take the ball in the opposite direction provides players with the practice they may need to dive at the ball, scoop a fumble, and do what they can to move the ball after the turnover.

“We’re doing those things now with the change of direction that’s really kind of taxing them,” Coach Owens said.

The Wildcats football head coach said that the drill and effort was really good, but they were taxed and just as quickly it was over.

Speaking on the Tribe test, Coach Owens said that it “Hopefully it gives us a good judgment of where we’re going to be and where we’re at.”

The Edge continues to build on what they have done over the last two weeks, while continuously adding on new challenges and drills to make sure that as many athletes as possible still have “The Edge” on their foes come football season.

The Edge for football runs Monday through Thursday at the Multi Purpose Building, from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. for students entering ninth through twelfth grade, and 10 A.M. until noon for students entering the seventh through ninth grades.

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Author: Ross LaBenske

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