SSHS Students Receive More Than $3.1 Million In Scholarships, Awards

Sulphur Springs High School seniors have received more than $3.1 million in scholarships and financial awards, which were announced during Thursday afternoon’s Senior Awards Ceremony. The 27 SSHS 12th graders ranked in the top 10 percent of the graduating seniors were also all recognized as UIL scholars.

Nearly half of the amount announced Thursday, an estimated $1.5 million, went to students planning to enter the military. Freddy Botello, Quincey Chisom, Zachary Hunter and Logan McClung plans to enter the United States Marine Corps; and Freddie Gomez and Andrea Munoz will be serving in the Texas Army National Guard. Awards for those enlisting to serve their country range in amount from $150,000 to $180,000, depending on each individual’s goals, duty assignment and training.

Tammy Carrol presented three Sgt. Tanner Stone Higgins Military Scholarships in honor of the 2007 SSHS graduate who paid the ultimate price defending his country and men in his unit while serving his country as an Army Ranger. Zachary Hunter was awarded a $300 Sgt. Higgins award, Andrea Munoz a $700 award, and Logan McClung a $1,000 award. Each will receive the Higgins Military Scholarship, upon completion of basic training. Hunter is slated to begin training in July, Munoz August and McClung June 1.

Eight students collectively amassed $280,211 in athletic scholarships, Aiken Owen to play baseball at East Texas Baptist University, Lamodrick Johnson to place basketball at Concordia Univesity, D’Andre Peoples to play football at McPherson College, Somjai Pryor to play football at Kansas Wesleyan University, Kip Childress to play golf at ETBU, Grant Mohesky to play golf at the University of Arkansas- Monticello, Nylah Lindley to play softball at Tuskegee University and Sadie Washburn to play volleyball at Dallas Baptist University.

DBU awarded Sadie Washburn $72,000 in scholarships, a $12,000 Christian Service Scholarship and a $60,000 Academic Scholarship

Aiken Owen was awarded $54,000 in scholarship by ETBU, including a $14,000 Christian Leadership Scholarship and a $40,000 ETBU Honor Scholarship. Kip Childress was awarded $58,000 in scholarship, including an $18,000 Christian Leadership Scholarship and an ETBU Honor Scholarship.

Rounding out the list of SSHS students ETBU awarded scholarships to is salutatorian Nathan Kendall Little, who received $82,000 in scholarship from ETBU. Kendall Little received an $18,000 Christian Leadership Scholarship and a $64,000 Presidential Diamond Scholarship. That’s $194,000 in scholarships ETBU awarded to the SSHS Class of 2021 this year.

Kendall Little and David Moreno received a $500 Northeast Texas Chapter 416 Air Force Association Earle North Parker Essay Contest Scholarship. Kendall Little also received one of six $2,850 Attlesey Gamblin Scholarships awarded Thursday night, a $5,000 Central Baptist Church Ministry Scholarship, the $500 Tommy Starrett Memorial Scholarship and one of two $250 Pace Scholarships awarded May 22.

Bryson Bullington awarded Little and Morgan Price each with a $2,500 Chick-Fil-A Remarkable Futures Scholarship, noting that each has been with the Sulphur Springs restaurant since it opened; they are among $7,500 students across the country who collectively were awarded $19 million in scholarships from the Chick-Fil-A.

Texas A&M University-Commerce awarded $173,286 to SSHS seniors. Maci Swafford received $44,527 in scholarships: a $927 Chip and Susan Harper Endowmen, a $16,000 Presidential scholarship and a $27,600 Honors College Scholarship from TAMUC.

Zoe Westlund received $52,00 in scholarships from TAMUC – a $16,000 Presidential Scholarship and a $36,000 Honors College Scholarship.

TAMCU awarded Janine Yamaguchi $31,200 in scholarships, a $27,200 Honors College Scholarship and a $4,000 Blue and Gold Freshman Scholarship.

Cheyenne Fouse was awarded $18,359 in scholarships from TAMUC, a $687 Graham M. Johnson Endowment, a $745 Hopkins County Endowment, a $927 Chip and Susan Harper Endowment and a $16,000 Presidential Scholarship.

TAMUC $1,600 Cheerleading Scholarships went to Jaci Lappin and Kameya Stribling. Lappin and Abigail Owens each received a $2,000 Blue and Gold Freshman Scholarship. Receiving $4,000 Blue and Gold Freshmen Scholarships from TAMUC were awarded to Jacqueline Olivo, Brayden Wooten and Harlieigh Stegient, and Tyler Cooper received an $8,000 Blue and Gold Freshman Scholarship. Tyler Cooper also received a $500 Faulk Company Scholarship.

Trinity University awarded valedictorian Matthew Harper a $120,000 Murchison Scholarship.

Southern Methodist University awarded Mariam Tran a $120,000 SMU Provost Scholarship. Tran also received one of four $1,000 Rotary Club Scholarships, a $2,500 Jim Tucker Memorial Golf Scholarship, a $1,000 Northern Texas Professional Golfers’ Association Jerry J. Ransom Scholarship and a $1,000 Jan James Memorial Golf Scholarship.

The John and Deborah Gillis Foundation awarded $160,000 in scholarships to five SSHS seniors from among the 70 students who applied for the scholarship. Recipients of the $32,000 Bright Star Scholarships, which can be used for up to eight semesters over the course of four years are Miriam Tran, Paige Daniel, Corde Mayo, Landry Meskimen, Madlyn Posey.

Landry Meskimen, Zachary Davis, Kaden Kirkland, Lucas Lantz, Straton Salvarino and Koben Wyly each received $150 Dial Study Club Scholarships. Meskimen received a $28,000 Oklahoma State University Scholarship. Kirkland also was awarded a $1,000 Martin Resource Management Corporation Scholarship

Tim Glenn presented five City National Bank Scholarships given in memory of Randy Hall. Meskimen and Kaden Wallace each received a $1,000 scholarship, while Lizabeth Alvarez, Annie Horton and Corde Mayo each received a $2,000 scholarship.

Madelyn Posey, Lizabeth Alvarez and Savannah Allen each received a $2,000 SSISD Education Foundation Scholarships. Posey also was awarded a $48,000 Hagan Scholarship, a $1,000 Rotary Club Scholarship and a $250 PACE Scholarship.

Corde Mayo, Lizbeth Alvarez, Rylan Brewer, Daniel Soto and Rorie Young each received one of six $2,850 Attlesey Gamblin Scholarships.

Soto also received a $750 Texas Business Professionals of America Scholarship and a $500 Perry F. Bradley III Scholarship. Texas A&M University awarded Soto a $2,000 Community Connection Scholarship, a $500 Tuition Support Award, a $2,500 Texas Student Housing Authority Scholarship and a $4,000 A&M Aggie Bound Scholarship.

Receiving a $1,500 Perry F. Bradley Jr. Scholarship was Caroline Hurley, and Austin McCain received a $1,500 Skills USA Scholarship.

Sam Houston State University also awarded Rorie Young a $16,000 Honor Scholarship, a $3,000 Bearkat Promise Award, a $12,000 Dan and Jean Rather Scholarship and a $3,000 Federal Work-Study Award.

Rylan Brewer and Rorie Young each were awarded a $500 Sulphur Springs Soccer Association Tommy Long-Weldon Faulks Soccer Scholarship.

Corde Mayo and Annie Horton each received a $3,000 Ceely Blair Stout Memorial Scholarship. Mayo and Hannah Shultz each received a $1,000 Rotary Club Scholarship. Shultz received a $200 Thyler Reppond Memorial Theatre Scholarship while Rorie Young received a $400 Reppond Memorial Theatre Scholarship.

Rylan Brewer, Corde Mayo, Lexi Colley and Maurie Flecker each received a $1,000 Lions Club Scholarship. Lexi Colley and Enrique Torres benefitted from a $5,000 Jo McCain Trust Scholarship.

Mayo received an additional $8,000 Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Scholarship and SSHS Assistant Principal Vanessa Abron awarded Corde Mayo a $1,000 Helen Ewing Ditto – True Grit Award for overcoming adversity and embodying the spirit of Helen Ewing Ditto, who died at age 94, after overcoming many challenges while caring for her family.

Lexi Colley also received a $1,000 Clayton and Graves Scholarship, and Texas Tech awarded Colley a $2,500 Scholarship and a $4,000 Texas Merit Scholarship.

Maurie Flecker and Savannah Allen each received a $1,000 Sterling and Eva Beckham Memorial Scholarship.

NETLA awarded to scholarships, $2,000 to Annie Horton and $2,500 to Savannah Allen. Horton also receive da $2,000 Wayne Parker Memorial Scholarship and a $500 Bobby McDonald Memorial Scholarship. Danny Cavanaugh also awarded Annie Horton with a $2,000 Never Ever Give Up “NEGU” Scholarship given in memory of Micah Reed, because the youth despite battling cancer never gave up.

Allen also received a $6,000 State Fair of Texas Scholarship, a $1,000 Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship, a $500 Texas A&M Agricultural Extension Office Janie Crump Memorial Scholarship, a $20,000 Texas 4-H Foundation Scholarship, a $5,000 Legacy Ag Credit Scholarship and a $1,500 Hopkins-Rains Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship.

Lizbeth Alvarez received a $1,000 Landon Brody Dyer Memorial Scholarship, a $500 Hopkins-Rains County Retired School Personnel Scholarship and a $750 Junior Waverly Club scholarship. Texas A&M University also awarded Alvarez with a $1,000 Community Connection Scholarship, a $1,000 TAMU Opportunity Scholarship and a $12,000 TAMU Tuition Support Award.

Dequarian “Boo” Wilkerson and Mia Hicks received $1,000 Coca-Cola Scholarships. Book Wilkerson was awarded a $1,500 Kiwanis Club Scholarship, and received Oklahoma State University’s $32,000 Out of State Achievement Scholarship and a $3,000 Pete Pledge Scholarship.

Baylor University awarded Matthew Singleton an $18,000 Dean’s Scholarship, a $1,000 Event Participation Scholarship and a $12,200 General Scholarship.

Kayley Ashley was awarded at $20,000 Excellence North Texas Scholarship and a $14,750 Persevere Until Success Happens (PUSH) Program Scholarship from the University of North Texas.

The University of Oklahoma awarded John Wiley Bennett with a $56,000 Award of Excellence Scholarship.

Trinity Sherman received a $24,000 University of Texas McCombs Dean’s Level Scholarship.

A $250 Peggy Reynolds Dallas Morning News Scholarship, a $750 Charles McCauley Scholarship and a $500 Patsy Bolton Scholarship were awarded to Tristen Stewart.

Amy Griggs presented Price Griggs with a $1,000 Teen Court of Hopkins County Scholarship.

A $750 Sulphur Springs Band Booster Scholarship was awarded to Camden Beard.

Caitlynn Monaghen received the $500 Judy Tipping Legacy Scholarship.

Camden Fuller was awarded a $250 Region 8 Education Service Center Employee Scholarship.

Harleigh Stegient received a Grocery Supply Company Scholarship.

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