Hopkins County Records – April 9, 2021

Land Deed Transfers

Records at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
  • Eileen Aske w to Cristina Reed; tract in the May Ann Collum survey
  • Jeffrey Scott Galloway and Ladonna Galloway to Caleb Lyn Coates; tract in the Jesse Odom survey
  • Rodney Gene Weems to Ladonna Jean Galloway; tract in the Jesse Odom survey
  • David Eddins and Tia Price Eddins known as Tia Price Kirkpatrick to Kacey L. Batterton and Kenneth P. Batterton; tract in the J. Rowland survey
  • Gregg Wright to Amelia Olivia Hasbrouck; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Earl R. Burns to Johnny Clay and Reva Clay; tract in the John Polk survey
  • Kimberly A. Screws and Paul Alan Screws to Velma Rawson; tract in the Jose Y’Barbo survey
  • Connie Briggs, Monty Tipps and Stevie Tipps to John H. Heilman; tract in the Thomas Proctor survey
  • Dan I. Hamiter Sr. and Donna Hamiter to Stephanie B. Petry; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Alfredo Gomez to Charles H. Klakamp; tract in the Sarah H. Norris survey
  • Eric Richey, Kristy Richey and Barbara Sustaire to Aart Dirk Antonie Van Dieden and Ingrid Paulina Elizabeth Van Dieden; tract in the James F. Hitt survey
  • Imelda Molteni and Melvin J. Molteni to Lee Stuart Brophy and Aldo A. Molteni; tract in the Daniel Fuller survey
  • Robert A. Blackwell and Stephanie Blackwell to Ashley C. Shackelford and Daniel W. Shackelford; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Alva C. Adams Jr., Adams Solutions LLC, to Ashley C. Shackelford and Daniel W. Shackelford; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • Robert Stout, Tina Joan Stout, David Thurman and Didi Thurman to David L. Croxton and Vickie Croxton tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Brandi Nicole Loper to SAF Properties LLC doing business as SM Family Holdings LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Jon Humphrey and Mark Humphrey to Kyle Humphrey; tract in the SB Brown survey
  • Jane Carothers to Hopkins County Publishing LLC; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Bridgette Vanderslice and David Vanderslice to Franca M. Kennedy and Jeffrey W. Kennedy Trusts, Jeffrey W. Kennedy co-trustees; tract in the Simon Derrick survey
  • Vera Allen, independently and as independent executor for the Paul Wyatt Allen Estate, to Raul Aguirre Nava; tract in the JH Brown survey
  • David W. Miller and Rafaela Miller to Kimberly Caddell and Reece Caddell; tract in the Troy M. Thomas survey
  • Sulphur Springs Antique Gallery LLC to Church of God, Bobby Harris, Bill Mangrum and David Talley trustee; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Clay Johnson and Heather Johnson to Chaney Boys; tract n the MA Bowlin survey
  • Danny Williams and Patty Williams to John Wilbur and Stacie Wilbur; tract in the Merrick Griffith survey
  • Lesley Clayton Jr. to Michael Antwone Clayton; tract in the Thomas Norris survey
  • Danny Rose to Adrian Lopez and Maher H. Sweidan; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Carl Galligher, Linda Galligher, Linrry Owens and Ronnie Owens to Kenneth Odell Baxter and Samantha Crouch Baxter; tract in the Hugh Curlin survey
  • Emily Schendel and Travis Schendel to H. Keith Hunt; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • S & R Construction LLC to Kala Anders; tract in the Spring Creek Addition Phase II
  • Cecilia Delaine Glud and John Allen Glud Jr., trustees for the JAG and CDG Living Trust to Edwin G. Lampp and Tawlene Lampp; tract in the Sarah H. Norris survey
  • Adam Joel Grimes to Angela Rae Grimes; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Mehealani Ranch to Reserve at Sulphur Springs LLC; tract in the Jose Y’Barbo survey
Records at a clerk’s office

Applications For Marriage Licenses

  • Alan Dewayne Workman and Amy Smirna Ramirez
  • Pecina Ricardo Castaneda and Corral Veronica Olayo
  • Roger Lynn Melton and Promise Lashea Larkin
  • Rodney Justin Condo and Brianna Marie Galaviz
  • Marcus Antiquon Harris Jr. and Siana Deshaun Campbell
  • David Bryan Kull and Allison Grace Bloodgood
  • Tatom Grant Sink and Whitney Lee Hunters
  • Caden Ray Phillips and Courtnie Kay Helterbrand
  • Adam Thomas Pearson and Stephanie Faith Williams
Hopkins County Clerk’s Office

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