COVID-19 Numbers Continue To Fall In Hopkins County, Northeast Texas Area

CMFH-SS COVID Unit Empty, No New COVID-19 Cases Reported April 5 For Hopkins County

COVID-19 numbers continue to fall in Hopkins County and the Northeast Texas area. For the first time since Hopkins County/Sulphur Springs Emergency Management began reporting the data late last summer, not only were there no COVID-19 patients in the local hospital’s COVID-19 unit, the state also reported no new COVID-19 cases reported on Monday for Hopkins County. cumulative

Cumulative COVID-19 case counts for Hopkins County from March 21, 2020-April 5, 2021

So far in April, Texas Department of State Health Services has reported 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases (eight on Thursday and one each on Friday and Saturday) and three probable cases on Thursday. A total of 13 confirmed cases and 10 probable COVID-19 cases were reported March 1-5, 2021, for Hopkins County; 51 confirmed and 40 probable cases Feb. 1-5; 54 confirmed and 43 probable cases Jan. 1-5; and 81 confirmed cases along Dec. 1-5.

In April of 2020, the pandemic was just beginning in Hopkins County. A total of 89 Hopkins county residents had been COVID-19 tested on April 6, up from 76 on April 2. Of those four people had tested positive for the novel coronavirus 2019, 65 received negative results and 20 county residents were still waiting on the results of their COVID-19 test, HC/SSEM officials reported.

A total of 1,579 Hopkins County residents have been lab-confirmed by molecular (viral) testing to have COVID-19 since March 27, 2020, the day the very first Hopkins County resident was confirmed to have COVID-19. As more people began getting the quicker antigen tests in the fall, the state began tracking probable COVID-19 cases. DSHS didn’t begin reporting probable cases daily on the S Case Counts dashboard until Dec. 11, starting with all 963 probable cases counted since the fall. Overall, a total of 1,453 probable cases have been reported among Hopkins County residents, for a combined total (confirmed nd probable) of 3,032 COVID-19 cases reported for Hopkins County as of April 11.

While no new cases were reported, that does not mean, however, that there are no COVID-19 cases. According to DSHS, 141 Hopkins County residents had COVID-19 on April 5, 31 less active cases than on March 5, 49 less than on Feb. 5, 56 less than on Jan. 5. These numbers include COVID-19 cases confirmed by molecular lab testing and probable cases from individuals who have either tested positive through an antigen test or have a combination of symptoms and a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 without a more likely diagnosis.

New confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases reported over time for Hopkins County (Graphics: DSHS County Trends dashboard)

As of April 5, only 2,784 of the total 3,032 Hopkins County residents who’ve had COVID-19 since March 27, 2020 have recovered from the virus. So far this month, four have recovered from the virus. We are definitely on the right track. Recoveries outpaced new COVID-19 cases in March, with 98 new cases but 121 recoveries.

The lab-confirmed COVID-19 patient count for Region F Trauma Service Area, which spans across Northeast Texas to Hopkins County, has also declined significantly over the last few months. On April 4, only 14 lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients occupied beds at hospitals across TSA F. CMFH-SS’ COVID unit had double digit figures alone through March 1, when 10 patients were reported, and 14 patients on Feb. 8-9. The lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients count for Trauma Service Area F hasn’t been that low since May 31, when Hopkins County’s cumulative total was only 21 COVID-19 cases since March 27, 2020 (892 had been tested, with 635 positive, 6 recovered and 237 were waiting on test results).

As of April 4, a total of 10,865 people in Hopkins County had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is 368 more than on April 1 and nearly double the 5,169 reported on March 3.

On April 4, 4,072 people in Hopkins had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, which is 264 more than on April 1, 1,748 more than on March 3 and 3,724 more than on Feb. 4; no one in Hopkins County had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Jan. 4, in fact, Jan. 4 was the first time anyone in Hopkins was reported to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and only tow who’d received the vaccine at another facility. By the end of January, however, 324 people in Hopkins County had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Hopkins County COVID-19 case counts by type, compared to recoveries and deaths

The first time anyone in Hopkins County was reported to have received the first dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was on Dec. 20, when three people in healthcare/emergency services received the shot at an out-of-county facility; the number receiving the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine increased to 256 for Hopkins by New Year’s Eve. On Jan. 4, that number rose to 294 and by Jan. 31, 1,784 people in Hopkins had gotten the first dose of the vaccine. On Feb. 4, a total of 1,877 people in Hopkins County had received the first dose and were awaiting the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine. On March 3, a total of 3,372 people in Hopkins County had received the first dose of the vaccine and were waiting to get the second dose.

Hopkins County has also been fortunate in that not only are fewer people getting the virus and fewer of those who do are having to be hospitalized, but there have also been no new confirmed COVID-19 deaths announced for Hopkins County since March 12, when DSHS received confirmation of a 107th Hopkins County COVID-19 fatality. Three COVID-19 deaths have been confirmed for March, two on March 2 and one on March 6. Fewer COVID-19 deaths have been reported for Hopkins County in each of the past three months as well, dropping from 26 fatalities in December 2020 to 15 Hopkins County residents who died in January, and five in February.

Covid-19 fatalities by date of death in Hopkins County (Graphic: DSHS County Trends)

Author: KSST Contributor

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