2 Women Arrested After Xanax, Methamphetamine Found In Motel Room

Two women were arrested on controlled substance charges after Xanax and methamphetamine were found in the motel room with them and one woman’s young children. Child Protective Services personnel were contacted to take custody of the kids, deputies alleged in arrest reports.

Natalie Latrese Alzidi (Henderson County jail photo)

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office deputies were made aware 38-year-old Natalie Latrese Alzidi of Dallas, a wanted woman, could be found at the motel. Deputies went to the 1400 block of East Industrial Drive, contacted the woman and took her into custody at 6:34 a.m. April 19, 2021, on the Henderson County manufacture or delivery of 1 gram or more but less than 4 grams of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance warrant, Sgt. Tanner Steward and Deputy Zack Horne noted in arrest reports.

After obtaining consent, deputies searched the motel room. The sheriff’s officers found multiple items, including a coin purse which the woman’s roommate, 45-year-old Sulphur Springs woman, claimed as hers; it contained the Sulphur Springs woman’s ID, a single loos pill identified by the numbers and letter on it as Alprazolam, which is best known by the trade name Xanax. Consequently, deputies took the 45-year-old into custody at 7:06 a.m. April 19, 2021. She later informed deputies she had more pills inside her body cavity under her garments. She retrieved the concealed pills and was transported to jail, for possession of 2.7 grams of pills, Horne, Steward, Investigator Shea Shaw and Deputy Nick Marney alleged in arrest reports.

Steward and Horne also reported finding in the motel room several items of drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic syringes, glass smoking pipes, one syringe with approximately 10 CCs of suspected methamphetamines, a clear bag containing a crystal-like substance deputies suspected to be methamphetamine and weighing 1.1 gram.

Deputies requested Child Protective Services personnel to respond at the motel room. CPS took custody of one woman’s young children who were also in the room with the pair of women, deputies noted in arrest reports.

Alzidi remained in Hopkins County jail Tuesday evening in lieu of $8,500 bond on the Henderson County warrant, as well as the $10,000 bond set on the Hopkins County possession of 1 gram or more but less than 4 grams of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance charge and $5,000 bond set on the possession of less than 1 gram of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance charge, according to jail reports.

The 45-year-old Sulphur Springs woman was released from Hopkins County jail Tuesday, April 20, 2021 on a $2,000 bond on the Class A misdemeanor possession of less than 28 grams of a Penalty Group 3 controlled substance, according to jail reports.

Author: KSST Contributor

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