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Representative Slaton Files Bill To Make The Public Utility Commission Seats Elected Positions

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – This morning, March 3, Representative Bryan Slaton of HD 2 filed HB 2691 to make the Public Utility Commission seats elected, rather than positions appointed by the Governor.

“Texans everywhere are angry over the energy failures during February’s winter storm. While there has been a lot of finger pointing on who is to blame, one thing is abundantly clear: The people of Texas deserve to have direct accountability of those in positions of power, not less. This bill will make the Public Utility Commission directly accountable to the people, not the Governor,” Rep. Slaton said.

The three commissioners on the Public Utility Commission would serve staggered six year terms, similar to the Railroad Commission, and would be elected during the general election for state officers as proposed by Slaton.

Author: Faith Huffman

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