Sulphur Springs ISD Put Contingency Plan In Place In Case Inclement Weather, Dangerous Road Conditions Persists Next Week

While Monday is a regularly scheduled student holiday for many school districts, including those who attend Sulphur Springs ISD, after Thursday’s icy conditions, administrators are busy working on a contingency plan in case the freezing drizzle and snow persist past Presidents Day, making travel unsafe.

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Sulphur Springs ISD began putting the contingency plan in place Friday, just the roads remain too icy for families, staff and buses Tuesday and beyond, and sent out a district-wide notice to parents so they can prepare their students.

If dangerous weather or road conditions prevent SSISD from having school on Tuesday, February 16 or thereafter, staff and all students – both in-person and virtual – will move to 100 percent remote learning from home. Remote learning will continue each day until weather conditions allow for a safe return to school.

Campuses Friday sent students home equipped with devices and other necessary resources and equipment for learning remotely, so that all students are prepared for this possible scenario. Parents were asked to make sure, when their student arrives home Friday, to have them bring their device inside to prevent it from being damaged by extremely cold temperatures.

If SSISD must transition to remote learning, at home learning resources are available on the SSISD website at:

The SSISD website includes links to videos for both Seesaw for Prekindergarten through 5th grade students and Microsoft Teams for students in grades 6-12.  The videos are designed to help families log in and navigate the learning platform through which students will receive and interact with their learning activities each day. 

If the decision is made to transition to 100 percent remote learning next week, SSISD will provide additional guidance to support families through the process. 

Updates from SSISD will be made to the community via Blackboard, e-mail, text and social media as decisions are made regarding school closures, which would enact the contingency plan.

Author: Faith Huffman

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