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Not Open or Closing Early Today

After brisk sales of deicer, scrapers, diesel fuel treatment and other winter storm items, local business who managed to open today are closing early. “A lack of customer is a good thing!”, said one local business owner KSST contacted Monday. “It means people are staying inside, we don’t mind at all.” He went on to mention that signs on the door are real, they really are out of winter items and may not get any back in stock this week.

The majority of businesses we contacted were closed, did not answer the phone or were planning to close before 5pm. The combination of a Federal Holiday, a winter storm, power grid issues, and lack of working street treatment equipment meant quiet streets and closed storefronts in Sulphur Springs.

Phone service remains intact around Sulphur Springs. Call and be sure a business is open, and has what you need, before you venture out unnecessarily.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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