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North Hopkins Water Supply Needs Your Help

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Valves Opened at 10 a.m., But It Could Be Several Hours Before Residents Have Water As the System Has To Re-pressurize First

If you live in the North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation (NHWSC) service area you are feeling the frustration of the water supply issues that are occurring. As NHWSC is the largest customer of the Sulphur Springs Water Department, and water usage overall has gone way up for everyone mainly due to water leaks. Sulphur Springs has had to cut off the supply to NHWSC in fear of Sulphur Springs running out of water. NHWSC has already issued a boil notice but that is of little consequence currently as the supply was shut off from Sulphur Springs to NHWSC after 2 1/2 hours this morning.

North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation General Manager Edgar Clements

With over 2,500 meters and over 300 miles of water lines, NHWSC has a lot of area to cover and is working diligently to try and find any leaks that they have on their system. Over the weekend, they shut off over 100 meters that had leaks on the customer side of the meter and have been looking for leaks on their supply lines as well. NHWSC has received help from area volunteer fire departments and the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office as well. Shutting off these meters has helped alleviate some of the problem but still more needs to be done.

With no pressure on the lines, it will become much more difficult to find leaks, but NHWSC is asking all of their customers to do what they can to inspect their property to see if there has been some leaks on the customer side of the meter as well as the water supply lines in their area.

According to General Manger Edgar Clements, the entire staff of NHWSC has been working around the clock to try and correct any problems on their system.

After Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell and Utilities Director James Jordan and NHWSC General Manger Edgar Clements discussed the matter during Hopkins County Commissioners Court this morning, the trio met to discuss a potential plan of action to identify any major leaks.

North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation, like the City of Sulphur Springs, is now offer a 1-million gallon reward to its customers who find a major water leak on their system. A major water leak is defined as a leak on a main line not a service lateral. Additionally, NHWSC is also offering a 100,000-gallon reward for customers who turn in a leak on a service lateral to a vacant building or vacant home.

Both reward offers are good for the next 48 hours beginning at 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22. People who identify such a leak should call it in to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s office at 903-438-4040. The city will back up the Hopkins County Water Supply Corporation with the free water for those customers who identify leaks.

“Additionally, county emergency management team is sending a small army of people to North Hopkins to look for leaks,” Maxwell noted just before 10 a.m. Monday. “Naturally, they can’t find leaks if the water is not on, so the city is restoring water to the district. It could take a few hours to pressurize the entire system.”

The water valves sending water to NHWSC were reopened at 10 a.m. Feb. 22, city officials reported. However, NHWSC residents likely will not have water immediately. With so many meters and so many miles of water line, it will take a while for the system to re-pressurize, which means it likely will be 3 1/2 hours or potentially longer. for the lines to re-pressurize enough to push it to all NHWSC customers.

NHWSC asks that customers conserve water when they can so that the system can fill back up more quickly and leaks can be identified.

North Hopkins Water Supply Corporation

Author: Chad Young

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