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NETLA 2021 Hopkins County Junior Market Lamb Show Results

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Northeast Texas Livestock Association’s annual Hopkins County Junior Livestock Show started with an agriculture mechanics project show and contest on Tuesday, then got into full swing Thursday with FFA and 4-H members from across Hopkins County showing their lamb and goat projects. The lamb show started the show, and featured five classes, three showmanship categories and concluded with the naming of grand and reserve champions.

Lambs being sorted for sale order

Annie Horton not only showed and placed first in Class 2 and Class 5 with her lambs. The Sulphur Springs FFA member also won the Senior Showmanship award with her Class 2 project, and her Class 5 project was named Grand Champion Lamb, marking the fourth year in a row she has exhibited the top lamb at the county show.

Hopkins County 4-H member Reese Ragan’s lamb not only won first in Class 3 but was named the 2021 Reserve Champion Lamb.

Ramsey Ragan, a Hopkins County 4-H member, earned the Intermediate Showmanship award with a third place Class 2 lamb. Ramsey earned the Junior Showmanship award with a lamb last year.

Ryan Ragan earned the Junior Showmanship award with a first place Class 1 lamb. The Hopkins County 4-H member also showed the first place Class 4 lamb, which will be shown third overall at the Sale of Champions.

NETLA Lamb Show

2021 Lamb Show Results

Class 1

  1. Ryan Ragan, Hopkins County 4-H, Junior Showmanship
  2. Danny James, North Hopkins FFA
  3. Dallas Davidson, NHFFA
  4. Tatum White, Cumby FFA
  5. Kenna Lane, NHFFA
  6. Brisa Miranda, NHFFA

Class 2

  1. Annie Horton, Sulphur Springs FFA, Senior Showmanship
  2. Brett Boatman, Hopkins County 4-H
  3. Ramsey Ragan, HC4-H, Intermediate Showmanship
  4. Trenton Wood, Cumby FFA
  5. Baylor Boatman, HC4H
  6. Maurie Flecker, SSFFA
  7. Rachel Davidson, NHFFA
  8. William Jr. Sallee, HC4H

Class 3

  1. Reese Ragan, HC4H, Reserve Champ
  2. William Jr. Sallee, HC4H
  3. Dallas Davidson, NHFFA
  4. Jaci Wood, CFFA
  5. Laney Bankston, SSFFA
  6. Zoey Strickland, CFFA

Class 4

  1. Ryan Ragan, HC4H
  2. Lilly Bankston, SSFFA
  3. Shaelynn Sampson, HC4H
  4. Laney Bankston, SSFFA
  5. Rachel Davidson, NHFFA
  6. Kannon Gibson, HC4H
  7. Kollyn Gibson, HC4H

Class 5

  1. Annie Horton, SSFFA, Grand Champion
  2. Ashlyn Hudston, CFFA
  3. Jessie Rivera, HC4H
  4. Madison Kellogg, HC4H
  5. Ashlyn Hudson, CFFA
  6. Jaxon Hudson, CFFA

The goat show followed the lamb show Thursday night. The Junior Market Livestock Show resumed Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. with the Broilers show. Swine, heifer and steer shows were slated to continue into the afternoon Friday, with the Sale Of Champions following Saturday afternoon, Feb. 27, in Hopkins County Civic Center Arena. For those unable to attend the show, this year’s sale can be viewed on Facebook Live; add-on money may also be contributed on the NETLA Facebook page. NETLA also opted this year not to hold the annual buyer’s luncheon on Thursday nor a stew/chili on Saturday.

Note: All results are based on listings provided Thursday night by NETLA.

Author: Faith Huffman

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