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Frisco Man Allegedly Caught With PCP, Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Gun, Cash

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A 57-year-old Frisco was allegedly caught with PCP, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, a gun and cash at the I-30 rest stop early Tuesday morning, according arrest reports.

No HCSO photo available for Keith Ali

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Aaron Chaney responded shortly after 3 a.m. Feb. 9 in the area of the 110 mile marker on Interstate 30. Motorists had reported a white car parked in the westbound lane of travel. He did not spot the car in the area. While still in the area, dispatchers received additional calls reporting the car was stopped in the lane for the I-30 rest area exit. Another report said someone had assisted the driver in getting the car off the road and into the rest area parking. The driver was reported to be slumped over possibly lost and intoxicated.

Upon arrival at the rest stop, Chaney reported seeing a white Audi A4 with a male slumped over toward the driver’s window. The man appeared to be asleep with the vehicle still in the drive position. The deputy attempted to awaken the man through the open window.

Cumby Police Officer Nick Geer arrived to assist Chaney. When the man woke, officers attempted to ask him questions, but reported the man seemed lethargic, incoherent and had trouble answering.

While talking to the man, Chaney reported seeing what appeared to him to be two marijuana cigarettes in the ashtray near the console. Chaney had the man, identified in reports as Keith Ali of Frisco, get out of the car and stay with Geer while he conducted a probable cause search of it. Chaney reported finding a burnt glass pipe of the kind commonly used to smoke crack cocaine with residue on it. Ali was placed into handcuffs at 3:20 a.m. Tuesday for possession of a the controlled substance.

Chaney continued searching the car. He alleged also finding during the search:

  • a metal cardholder with a white rock-like substance suspected to be crack cocaine;
  • a bottle with a baggy containing a white powder-like substance believed to be cocaine and two bags containing a tar-like substance believed to be heroin;
  • a medicine bottle with a brown powder-like substance believed to be heroin;
  • a black travel case with six rubber-band bound bundles of cash;
  • a large suitcase with bags of a green, leafy substance suspected to be marijuana, a dark glass bottle with a medicine dropper and a clear liquid substance suspected to be PCP in the trunk; and
  • a Rossi Magnum revolver.

All of the items were seized, the car was impounded and Ali was transported to Hopkins County jail. The contraband was weighed and included:

  • 8.52 grams of suspected cocaine,
  • 1.02 grams of suspected crack cocaine,
  • 3.42 grams of suspected black tar heroin,
  • 0.39 grams of suspected brown powder heroin,
  • 67.8 grams (including container) of suspected PCP, and
  • 3.8 ounces of suspected marijuana.

The cash was found to have been bundled in increments of $1,000 and totaled $6,100, Chaney noted in arrest reports.

Ali was booked into Hopkins County jail at 10:20 a.m. Feb. 9 on six charges:

  • possession of 4 grams or more but less than 200 grams of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance in a drug-free zone,
  • two charges of possession of 1 gram or more but less than 4 grams of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance in a drug-free zone,
  • possession of 1 gram or more but less than 1 gam of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance in a drug-free zone,
  • possession of 4 grams or more but less than 400 grams of a Penalty Group 2 controlled substance in a drug-free zone, and
  • possession of 2 ounces or more but less than 4 ounces of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

Ali remained in Hopkins County jail on Wednesday morning, Feb. 10, 2021.

Cumby Police Department and Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office is located at 298 Rosemont St., Sulphur Springs, TX 75482.

Non-emergency calls can be made to (903) 438-4040.

Author: Faith Huffman

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