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FEC Does Not Anticipate Increase Above Current Electric Rates Due To Recent Winter Weather

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Cooperative Strives For Consistent, Long-Term Rate Stability

GREENVILLE – Members have been asking how the record-breaking cold weather event that took place Feb. 14-19 may impact upcoming bills. We know usage increases as the temperatures drop, which results in above normal energy bills for this time of the year. The cooperative does not expect, however, members to see an increase above current electric rates due to this winter event.

The rate for Farmers Electric Cooperative members for March 2021 is 0.10759-cents per kWh. This is the same as the rate for February 2021. Farmers EC has been around for more than 80 years and has seen how natural disasters impact energy prices. We still remember the impact of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina on the price of electricity. That’s why we embrace long-term rate stability and strive to be consistent.

We know usage increases in winter, then starts to decrease with the mild spring weather. We have tools to help members recover from the extreme weather event. Budget Billing helps to even out monthly bills, so your payments stay more consistent by avoiding seasonal peaks. We also encourage members to use our HVAC tune-up rebate to have their heat and air systems inspected after being used to overcome at least a 50-degree temperature gap at times. We understand if members need additional time to pay their bill. Our Member Care team can help find a solution that fits any budget. The Farmers EC Member Care team is available by calling 903.455.1715 during business hours.

Farmers Electric Cooperative only charges you for the energy you use. We believe in member service innovation and putting members first. At Farmers EC, you’re a member, not a meter. That’s why, as we recover from the rotating outages and the historic cold weather, we will continue to work with our state legislators, power supplier, and our fellow Texas electric cooperatives to protect the rights of electric consumers. Working together, we will advocate for meaningful reforms to ensure that future extreme weather events do not put members at risk.

Author: Faith Huffman

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