Brookshire’s Pharmacy: Ready For Vaccine

Brookshire’s pharmacy wants to keep supporting each local community by distributing the vaccine for COVID-19. They made the committment as soon as they were able to apply to receive the vaccine. Not knowing when they signed up which vaccine would be readily available, they now know they will receive the Moderna vaccine as early as Tuesday, December 22nd, at the Sulphur Springs store. Although they could receive it as late as Thursday. Brookshire’s Pharmacy will be the first non-hospital affiliated outlet to receive the vaccine in the Sulphur Springs area.

Before you rush to make the required scheduled appointment, you should know that these first doses are reserved for “front-line healthcare workers” and those making an appointment to receive their first dose will have to have documentation proving they are in this group. With only 100 doses being received this week, it is unclear how many doses the pharmacy will receive in future weeks. But, they do know that they will receive 100 of the “second dose” in approximately three weeks for those that receive the 100 first doses this week.

Brookshire’s was ready to accept whatever vaccine the federal government decided to send, and in any quantity. The first vaccine approved by the FDA, from Pfizer, has more rigourous storage temperature protocols, but Brookshire’s already had a plan in place to meet the temperature protocols. Once approved, the Moderna vaccine was chosen to be sent to the Brookshire’s chain. Although it has less stringent temperature requirements, the Moderna vaccine has a six hour “shelf life” once each 10-dose vial is opened. Those adminstering the vaccine locally are confident they will be able to schedule appointments close enough to meet this six hour protocol while still providing social distancing protocols.

The general public awaits their turn to be able to receive the vaccine, and it may be sooner rather than later. These 100 doses and the 600 doses that will received locally by CHRISTUS (also this week), will be made available to front line healthcare workers in and around Hopkins County. The next wave, after healthcare workers that choose to take the vaccine are giving their chance, is believed to be residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The CDC has also mentioned including an age group in the next wave and that age group currently is 74 and over. These criteria will most certainly change as will the availability of the vaccine dependent upon how many doses are sent to which facility locally. Several more local clinics, pharmacies and other outlets are awaiting approval to receive the vaccine.

If you are a healthcare worker and qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine you can call your local Brookshire’s pharmacy and then press “0” to make an appointment. KSST News will continue to publish information about the availability of the vaccine from all sources.

Author: Chad Young

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