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Producer/Members of the NETBIO Sold 3,836 Head of Pre-Conditioned Cattle at the October Sale

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Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission

NETBIO Public Information Services


    Producer/members of the Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) sold 3,836 head of pre-conditioned cattle at the October sale held Wednesday at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission. 

    A total of 145 producers had cattle selling in the sale, and despite a softer market the cattle sold pretty good, according to Livestock Market co-owner David Fowler. “The market is soft everywhere, but buying was active — even on the Internet,” he said.

    Thirty-two buyers purchased cattle at an average of $708.77 per head.

    “We had a lot of good cattle consigned to the sale,” Fowler said. “Our producers continue to do a great job of pre-conditioning their cattle for this sale.”

The next sale will be held on Wednesday, November 18, which will mark the beginning of the 22nd year of NETBIO.  Come early and enjoy a barbeque lunch before the sale. 

The consignment book has closed on the November sale, but NETBIO officials have added a special sale to be held on December 16 that is open now to receive consignments. All of the NETBIO sales begin at 1 p.m.

    Producers are reminded that starting in January 2021, NETBIO sales will be held on Fridays instead of Wednesdays, and calves will be required to be weaned 60 days instead of 45 days.

    The first sale of 2021 will be on Friday, January 15. The last weaning date for calves entering that sale will be Nov. 15, and be boosted by Dec. 15.

The NETBIO Pre-Conditioned Stocker and Feeder Calf Sale gives producers a marketplace to offer their pre-conditioned calves and yearlings in load lot quantities. NETBIO holds eight pre-conditioned cattle sales per year.

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Author: Matt Janson

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