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Hopkins County Oct. 26 COVID-19 Update: 11 Recoveries, 8 New Cases

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Although 8 additional Hopkins County residents received positive COVID-19 results, 11 residents recovered from COVID-19, decreasing the overall active case count from 185 to 181 on Oct. 26, Hopkins County/Sulphur Springs Emergency Management officials reported in the Oct. 26 COVID-19 update.

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Overall, that makes 247 Hopkins County residents who have received positive COVID-19 results and 144 who have recovered from the virus this month. Cumulatively, 608 Hopkins County residents have tested positive for novel coronavirus 2019 since March, including 427 who have recovered from the virus.

Nine Hopkins County residents have died in October as a result of COVID-19, which increases the total number of COVID-19 fatalities in Hopkins County to 27, according to Texas Department of State Health Services.

The number of patients in the COVID-19 unit at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital Sulphur Springs rose to 10 Monday, up from 8 on Friday, HC/SSEM reported in the Oct. 26 COVID-19 Update. That’s the 5th weekday this month a double digit patient count has been reported. There were 11 on Oct. 20, and 10 patients in the COVID-19 unit on Oct. 16, 19, 21 and 26.

Another 126 COVID-19 tests were performed Saturday at the free testing site at 128-A Jefferson St. in Sulphur Springs, that’s 1,734 COVID-19 tests conducted at the free testing site this month. The 126 tests performed Saturday increase the overall number of free tests performed at the free testing site since it opened on Sept. 25 to 2,018, according to Oct. 26 COVID-19 update.

Hopkin County/Sulphur Springs Emergency Management Oct. 26 COVID-19 update

Free COVID-19 testing is scheduled to continue until Oct. 31 at 128-A Jefferson St. Testing is offered from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Symptoms and high-risk exposure are not required for this free molecular testing. Anyone can be tested, including children provided they are accompanied by a parents or guardian. To register for the free oral swab test, go online to

Sulphur Springs ISD also on Oct. 26 reported 5 new cases. A staff member at Sulphur Springs Elementary School, 2 staff members at Barbara Bush Primary and two students at Sulphur Springs High School who were all reported to have been present on their campus during the last week had received positive COVID-19 results on Monday.

State Reports

Texas Health and Human Services’ Oct. 26 nursing facility report showed 7 fewer active resident cases at Carriage House Manor from Oct. 9 to Oct. 12, the most recent data available from the state for nursing facilities. Unfortunately, four of those residents died as a result of COVID-19. That makes 19 residents of Carriage House Manor who have died from COVID-19, 55 who have tested positive for the virus and 27 who have recovered, leaving 9 active resident cases on Oct. 12, according to the Oct. 26 HHS report.

Carriage House also had 6 fewer active COVID-19 cases on Oct. 12; cumulatively, the facility has had 40 employee cases since March, according to the HHS report.

Rock Creek Health and Rehab LLC reported the facility’s 1st COVID-19 cases on Oct. 12. An employee had tested positive for the virus, but no resident cases had been reported as of Oct. 12, according to the Oct. 26 HHS nursing facility report.

One additional employee at Sulphur Springs Health and Rehabilitation, giving the facility 3 active and 5 cumulative employee cases on Oct. 12. SSHS&R reported no active resident COVID-19 cases on Oct. 12, but a total of 16 resident cases since March, including 2 deaths, according to the Oct. 26 HHS nursing facility report.

Sunny Springs Health & Rehab reported 1 additional employee had tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 12. Cumulatively, the facility has had 20 employee cases and 3 residents cases since March, according to the HHS report.

The only active COVID-19 case reported for Sulphur Springs assisted living facilities on Oct. 12 was one active employee case at Wesley House, according to the HHS Oct. 26 assisted living facility report. The employee was first reported by HHS on Sept. 30 to have tested positive for COVID-19.

There continued to be no active employee or student cases of COVID-19 on Oct. 25 at the 6 licensed child care centers, school-age programs, and before or after-school programs, according to the Oct. 26 HHS reports.

Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Health and Human Services Oct. 26, 2020 COVID-19 case reports for Hopkins County
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Author: Faith Huffman

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