Hopkins County Records – Oct. 23, 2020

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Vivek Nirajbhai Shukla and Dana Leann Dunn
  • Joseph Edwin Moore and Jamie Diane Land
  • Keaston Shane Fanligan and Alisha Diamond Gaines
  • William Parker Preston and Emily Michelle Tamez
  • Timothy Glen Peeples and Dana Marie Gilbreath
  • Shawn Wesley Green and Rebecca Mae Kendle
  • Lawson Bonnette and Annie Rhea Johnston
Record books

Land Deed Transactions

  • Joseph Lozak to Yvonna Goldsmith; tract in the Richard Moore survey
  • Joseph Lozak to Yvonna Goldsmith; tract in the Josiah Thompson survey
  • Brandon Mayes and Chelsea Mayes to Amy Nicole Cummings and Bradley Allen Cummings
  • Nestor Cervantes and Sonia Sosa to Ame Fonseca Manso and Juan Eulgio Rodriguez; tract in the Benjamin Merrill survey
  • Abel Austin and Jessica Austin to Jacob Mazoch; tract in the Country Club Estates
  • Larry Mack Jones to Kimberly Wright; tract in the Manuel Ybarbo survey
  • Nancy Carol Ledbetter and Rickey Dean Ledbetter to Darla Reed and Scotty Reed; tract in the Winnie Jewell survey
  • Nations Lending Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; tract in the GW Russell survey
  • Accredited Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-4 Asset B, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Indenture to Heather Falk and Shaelen Ray Haralson; tract in the Sarah H. Norris survey
  • Bryan Connally to Christopher Corey Connally; tract in the David Waggoner survey
  • Nikki Flecker and Ronald Flecker to Cady Jackson, Eric Jackson and Linda Jackson; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Joe Mack Gober and Mark McClendon to Milagros Belmares; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Hunter Curtis Baar to Hunter Curtis Baar co-trustee and Cadence Bank NA initial trustee for the Hunter Curtis Baar Revocable Grantor Trust; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Teresa Sue Rocha to Magdaleno Bidillo Rocha; tract in the John Clark survey
  • Brent G. Self to Cephis W. Gregory and James K. McMahan; tract in the Elizabeth Mitchell survey
  • Jacki N. Carpenter AIF, Lauren Faith Whittle and Robert D. Whittle Jr. to Payton Randall Turner and Josey Lynn Wetzel; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
  • Karen T. Fason, Lannis E. Fason, Janis Dean Goggans Fischer, Timothy Fischer, David Lowell Goggans, Deanna R. Goggans, William Deckman Goggans, Georgia Nell Goggans, Paula Elayne Troboy Jacobs AIF William V. Jacobs, Karla T. Mount, William Mount, William Jacobs, Corla Denise Troboy Pontello, John D. Pontello, Mary Troboy and William Norris Troboy to Cheryl Ann Harry Goggans and James Dudley Goggans; tract in the AG Barkley survey
  • Mary Ann McInnis to Mary Ann McInnis Revocable Trust, Mary Ann McInnis trustee; tract in the George Halyard survey
  • Ashley Elizabeth Baxter Trust of 1986, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA trustee, to BAXSTO LLC; tract in the AO Wetmore survey
  • Charlotte McMillin and Marcia L. Mikles to Pamela L. Hollifield; tract in the HD Parson survey
  • Damon Bradley Ethridge, Wesley Keith Ethridge, Kristy Smith Ethridge and Tammy Renee Ethridge to Alan Screws and Kim Screws; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Roy G. Holton and Sonja A. Holton trustees for the Roy Greg and Sonja Holton Living Trust to Charles Northcutt and Leslie Ann Northcutt; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Chandler Macek and JB Macek to Hannah Long and Koby Long; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Elaine S. Schwartz and Irwin S. Schwartz to Bret T. Wrye and Namaste L. Wrye; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Becky Foster and Robert Foster to Ryan S. Flanary; tract in the Lee Hi Addition
  • Garry R. McClung and Patsy D. McClung to Shirley Moore; tract in the E. Melton survey
  • James L. Hargis Jr. , Janita Renee Hurndon known as Janita Renee Sanchez and OJ Hurndon to Charles Eugene McIllwayne; tract in the Jasper County School Land survey
  • Charlie Grantham to Anna Rosina Mills Duckworth
  • Jimmy Don Rawlinson to Larry Johnson and Patrechia Johnson; tract in the James Barrett survey
  • Lauren Jacobs and Paul Jacobs to Karen Neola; tract in tbe James Gahagan surve
  • Gwen E. Panter and Mark Thomas Panter to Anthony Devoto and Maggi McCall Devoto; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Juan Banuelos-Rios and Liliana Solis Guardado to Joe Jennings and Patricia Jennings; tract in the J. Hawkins survey
  • Charles David Hastings and Mari S. Hastings to Renee Davison and Scott Davison; tract in the John Clark survey
  • Edward John McSheffery II the same person as John E. McSheffery II and Meagan L. McSheffery to Mark W. Harris and Roxanne K. Harris; tract in the Maria Santos Coy survey
  • Kimberly Holloway known as Kimberly McCoy and Randy Michael McCoy to Kristi Hayes; tract in the William H. Moses survey
  • Sandra M. Park and T. Allen Park to Park Stuff LLC Series William Gragg; tract in the William Gregg survey
  • Ricardo Chavarria to Paulino Reyes; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Leighton A. Stevens known as Lloyd A. Stevens to Ashley Scroggins and Kason Scroggins; tract in the P. Venables survey
  • Christopher James McClain and Deborah Rebekah McClain to S & R Construction LLC; tract in the John S. Bowen survey
  • Amber Scanlon and Harley Scanlon to David Wayne Allen and Mary Deirdre Welch Allen; tract in the Lucy Ann Collum survey
  • Nona Fair Gober to Corey L. Merrill and Jennifer M. Merrill; tract in the Davis Heights Addition
  • Charles. D. Curry and Rebecca J. Curry to Industrial Advisors LLC; tract in the James C. Sanders survey
  • Brent Johnson and Rachel Johnson to Kristen Van De Laar; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office

Author: Faith Huffman

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