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Slaton Defeats Flynn In July 14 Republican Party Primary Runoff Election

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Bryan Slaton has defeated incumbent Dan Flynn for the Republican Party nomination for State Representative, District 2. He will challenge Democratic candidate Bill Brannon in the November General Election.

Bryan Slaton, at the Hopkins County President’s Day forum

Slaton received 61.07 percent (9,757 votes) of the vote to Flynn’s 38.93 percent (6,221 votes) out of the 45 polling locations across Hopkins, Hunt and Van Zandt counties.

“It can’t tell you how humbling it is to be so overwhelmingly supported by my community,” Slaton wrote on his Facebook page.

Slaton led by 60 percent or more in all three counties in the runoff.

Early VotingAbsenteeElection DayTotal Votes
Dan Flynn36849305722
Bryan Slaton731735121,316
* Hopkins County voting in Republican runoff for District 2 State Representative; all results are unofficial until canvassed

He received 64.57 percent of the overall 1,221 votes cast in the Republican District 2 State Representative runoff in Hopkins County, including 731 votes during the early voting period, 73 absentee votes and 512 on Election Day. Flynn received 35.53 percent of the overall vote in Hopkins County, including 368 ballots cast during early voting, 49 absentee votes and 305 on Election Day.

In Van Zandt County, Slaton received 60.57 percent (4,055) of the overall 6,695 votes to Flynn’s 39.43 percent (2,640). In Hunt County, Slaton received 60.54 percent (4,386) to Flynn’s 39.46 percent (2,859) of votes.

Hopkins CountyHunt CountyVan Zandt CountyTotal Votes
Dan Flynn7222,8592,6406,221
Bryan Slaton1,3164,3864,0559,757
* Results for District 2 State Rep. as of 12:30 a.m. July 15, which are unofficial until canvassed.

This was shift from the March 3 Primary Election, where Flynn received 44.76 percent of the overall votes 27,358 ballots cast in the District 2 State Representative Election to Slaton’s 26.15 percent, with  Dwayne “Doc” Collins receiving the remaining 19.09 percent. Following the March 3 primary, Collins publicly expressed his support for Slaton in the party primary runoff.

“I first ran for this seat 6 years ago,” Slaton said of the past years’ elections won by Flynn. “Those of you who supported me from day 1, thank you!,” Slaton said to those who have supported him in previous elections. “To those of you who have come on board in the last several months, I couldn’t have done this without you. This is a victory for House District 2, and I promise I won’t let you down,” Slaton’s post stated. 

“To the grassroots conservatives across the state, I promise you I won’t back down from the fight next session,” he concluded.

Candidate/ElectionMarch 3, 2020
Republican Primary
July 14, 2020
Primary Runoff
Dan Flynn12,2466,221
Bryan Slaton9,889 9,757
2020 Republican Primary and Runoff Election Results; all results are unofficial until canvassed

Author: Faith Huffman

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