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2020 Cattleman’s Classic & Ribeye Roundup Cancelled

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Numerous annual events this spring and summer have been canceled due to novel coronavirus 2019. Announcements were made over the last week that two additional local events, the Ms. Hopkins County Senior pageant and Hopkins County Dairy Festival, which had been postponed in June have now been cancelled as well. With local positive COVID-19 case numbers increasing daily, fall events are now beginning to be affected as well. One of COVID-19’s the latest casualties is the annual NETBIO Cattleman’s Classic and Ribeye Roundup.

2020 NETBIO Cattleman’s Classic and Ribeye Roundup has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Friday night, the NETBIO Board of Directors and CCRR Team announced the annual event, scheduled every year in October, has been cancelled “due to the uncertainty surrounding the next few months.”

The NETBIO Board and CCRR Team, on the event Facebook page, noted that the decision was made by unanimous vote based on the following factors:

First and foremost, the directors feel that it is their responsibility to protect the health of Hopkins County. Our beautiful county has been incredibly blessed to have only a limited number of Covid-19 cases and we want to protect that. NETBIO is an organization that promotes following industry recommendations and national quality guidelines and health protocols for the beef they produce. The board felt they should apply the same high standards in this case and do their part to practice due diligence for the health benefits of our community.

Secondly, the economic impact of the last few months on our local businesses has not gone unnoticed. These local businesses are the life of our county and have been the BEST partners for the CCRR. Without them, this event never happens! We want to do our part to support them thru this tumultuous time and we can do that best by helping them cut their expenses.

The NETBIO Board and CCRR Team members extend thanks to all who have supported them over the past 5 years, and pledged to make the vent “bigger than ever” when it returns on Oct. 2, 2021. The event hosts concluded the announcement by encouraging everyone to “support your local businesses, support your beef growers and support each other” in the meantime.

Author: Faith Huffman

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