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Hopkins County Records May 8, 2020

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Michael Steven Money and Laura Elizabeth Murillo
  • Leasel Ray Fields and Marlena Ruth Weigel
  • Bryan Adam Caudle and Kayleigh Ann Lester
  • James Wesley Privitt and Shawna Gail Sartin
  • Darrell John Millard and Shelbe Suzette Thomas
  • John Marshall Fuller and Bonnie Gay Powers
Record books at a clerk’s office

Land Deed Transactions

  • Casan Ashmore and C Ashmore to Fernando Gutierrez and Shaniqua N. Gutierrez; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Jordan Jones and Emily Jones to Shanna Smith; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey
  • Charles Bryan White and Natalie Paige White to Kimberly Nicole Reed and Jason Scott Reed; tract in the George C. Wetmore survey
  • B. Randolph Beall, independent executor for the Carolyn K. Beall Estate, to Kenneth Dewayne Mikos and Carrie Ida Mikos; tract in the J. Ybarbo survey
  • Kathryn Ann Worsham Reeves to Allison Reeves Jurskis, Ashley Reeves Jones, William Wayne Reeves III (Trip Reeves); tract in the NB Westerman survey
  • Johnny Ray Gibson independently and doing business as AG Farm Products to Gerald Fielden; tract in the John Rowland survey
  • Scott Swanson and Pam Swanson to John Berry and Danielle Berry; tract in the Lofton Vess survey
  • Michaela Williams and Dustin Brundage to Michaelea Brundage and Dustin Brundage; tract in the Santos Coy survey
  • John Berry and Danielle Berry to ESD Holdings LLC; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • D Perry Hostetler and Emily Hostetler to Adam Hostetler; tract in the W B Stout survey
  • Chris Diamond to Jillian Marie Smith; tract in the E Melton survey
  • Richard Alford, attorney for Jerry W. Alford, to Richard Alford and Shannon Alford; tract in the James Teer survey
  • Darla J. Henry to Mark Fanning; tract in the F. Carroll survey
  • Michael Lynn Swanson and Nancy Swanson to David Leon Swanson and Terri Swanson; tract in the William Frampton survey
  • Michael Shane Russom and Amy Pera to Wesley Jordan and Angela K. Jordan; tract in the Daniel Fuller survey
  • Jana Dodd to Johana F. Mejia; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • David Leon Swanson and Terri Swanson to Michael Lynn Swanson and Nancy Swanson; tract in the IC Burson survey
  • Ken Ord and Susan Ord to Marcus Schnuettgen and Alexandra Schnuettgen; tract in the John Bryan survey
  • Judith A Grimes and Kathryn Louise Grimes to Thomas Grimes and Laura Grimes; tract in the John Aldridge survey
  • Jerry Mack Bursby and Debbie Bursby to Hoang Nguyen HA; tract int he WB Jordan survey
  • Mary Marlene Cantrell Lockwood, the same person as Mary M. Lockwood, to Leon Edwards; tract in the Agaton Caro survey
  • Kyle Cook Nichols to Wesley Jordan and Angela K. Jordan; tract in the Daniel Fuller survey
  • Jonnie Ray Watson the same person as Johnnie Ray Watson to Melvin Toj; tract in the MW Matthews survey
Records at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office

Author: Faith Huffman

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