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Hopkins County Records — May 23, 2020

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Land Deed Transactions

  • James Lee Brown and Angia Lea Brown to Jessie Kay Brown and Kyle Seale
  • Charles R. Grant who is also known as Charles R. Grant Jr. to Charles R. Grant and Lesley A. Grant; tract in the Joseph A. Simmons survey
  • Top Source Property Investors LLC, Donald R. Libby and Jessica Libby to Emalee McMillan; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey
  • Pennie Grantham, formerly known as Pennie Rankin, and Charlie Rankin to Dalton T. Curry; tract in the MW Matthews survey
  • Adrianne Gentry and Brent Gentry to Gary M. Clem and Shaunda S. Clem; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • John Heilman to Eliberto Ibarra and Rosa Ibarra; tract in the Lofton Vess survey
  • Pennie Jo Rankin Grantham to Charlie Noel Grantham
  • Karri R. McIntyre to Sharon Gilbreath and Janet Zachary; tract in the S. Reed survey
  • Mary Kay Mickler De La Fuente to Maria De La Luz Tovar and Rafael Gomez Gonzalez; tract in the James Brittan survey
  • Mildred Virginia Gray to Aivos Minerals LLC
  • Seth L. Pinson and Elizabeth Pinson to Michael Lemond; tract in the Simon Derrick survey
  • Pennie Jo Rankin Grantham to Charlie Noel Grantham
  • Larry H. Knight dependent administrator for the Hershell Leo Knight Estate to Lary H. Knight; tract in the South Samuel survey
  • Dinah Seitz Ming to Sharon Gilbreath and Janet Zachary; tract in the JS Reed survey
  • The Holy Highway to Journey Road; tract in the William Jacobs survey
  • Quinlan Diane Chapman, independent executor for the Yvonne Webb Smith Estate, to Gary Don Smith; tract in the Charles Thompson survey
  • Danny Huie and Tammy Huie to Jon Rocker and Tammy Rocker; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Gerald Mack, Barbara McCallum, Jimmy Ray Noble, Edward Earl Noble, Danny Michael Noble, Johnny Dee Noble, Mildred Louise Towery, Donald Wayne Noble, Janie Noble agent, Tommy Noble, Jerry Noble, Patsy Noble Powell, Shelba Noble, John Matheson, Teresa Matheson, Becky Ray Noble, Larry Noble and Scott Noble agent to Robert L. Walker and Patricia L .Walker; tract in the Benjamin Anderson survey
  • Thomas F. Neff and Bessie M. Neff to James Meadows and Laurie Meadows; tract in the Nathanial Hamilton survey
  • Richard and Robin Vasquez, Robin C. Vasquez trustee and Richard Vasquez trustee for the C. Silvera Revocable Trust to Gabriel Gonzalo Vasquez and Iesha Shantyl Vasquez; tract in the S. Coy survey
  • Clay Jason Pirtle and Tanna Michelle Pirtle to Chad Dover and Tara Dover; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Penny Martin and Lawrence Martin to Mario Mercado and Laura Mercado; tract in the Henry L. Ward survey
  • SPNR Equities Corp to Mitchell James Gordon and Marilyn Renee Lopez
  • Tommy D. Castle to Barry Jack Brewer and Debra Sue Brewer; tract in the John Alexander survey
  • Ken Ord and Susan Ord to John Steven Johnson II and Caryn Dianne Lewis: tract in the John Bryan survey
  • Robert Trey Roberson and Hannah Renee Roberson to Judy A. Moore and Katrina W. Castillo
  • James Dru Ballantine and Jill Foster Ballantine to Jarred Pickett to A. Caro survey
  • David McKeever to James R. McKeever; tract in the Helena Nelson survey
  • Texas Ranchitos LLC to Lorenzo Perez; tract in the J. Haile survey
  • Ivette Vazquez to Nan Nicole Baxley and Austin Kenneth Baxley; tract in the JG Procello survey

Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Elijah Jake Elliott and Amber Nicole Paolini
  • Tayor Scott Bicknell and Hayli Deeann Fite
  • Gideon Lucas Gregory and Brittany Rene Bales
  • Cyntia Ann Garrett and Anthony Curtis McElvaine
  • Collyn Lou Tucker and Paul Michael Eddins
  • Damien Jesus Coyazo and Alexis Nicole Dougherty

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Author: Faith Huffman

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