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H.C. Genealogical Society Research Library Re-Opens on Monday May 11 @ 10AM

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Hopkins County Genealogical Society’s Research Library will re-open on Monday May 11, 2020 at 10am. From a press release, here are the May 2020 guidelines for use of the Research Library.

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We are working in conjunction with the Sulphur Springs Public library and CDC recommendations to re-open our library.

Our library hours for May 2020, beginning May 11, 2020:

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

These times are necessary so the Sulphur Springs Public library can  sanitize the restrooms. They will be doing that each day from 9 to 10. We plan to resume normal hours beginning June 1, 2020 but will re-evaluate if necessary.

1. We ask that anyone (including volunteers) entering the library use hand sanitizer each time they enter. So if you leave and come back, you should re-sanitize.

2. The Sign-in sheet will be on the Volunteer’s desk and the Volunteers will enter the information for you so that we are not sharing a pen.

3. Bins for each day we are open have been placed on the center table. Materials and books that have been used are to be placed in the bin and remain there for three days per CDC guidelines. The bins also state what day of the week the items are to be re-shelved.   For example: If a someone uses a book on Monday and places it in the Monday bin, it is not to be REMOVED OR TOUCHED FOR ANY REASON until Friday. This is for the safety of our volunteers and patrons.

4. Practice social distancing, which means staying 6 feet apart. For now a volunteer cannot sit down and work one on one with a patron that is closer than 6 feet.

5. Masks and/or gloves are voluntary. We are told we cannot require someone to wear either, but we can politely suggest it be considered. It is still your choice.

6. There is sanitizer spray and paper towels in the  break room. Volunteers will sanitize after a patron leaves a computer or table to make them safer for the next person.  They will also sanitize commonly touched surfaces, such as door handles.

7. The center computer against the back wall is shut down for now, because of social distancing. That means we have the two computers against the wall and the one at the back that Earl uses available for research.

8. Volunteers should be the only ones touching the copier.

It is our goal to make visiting our library as safe as possible for everyone who enters!




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Author: Enola Gay

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