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ZBA Grants Special Use Permits For Main Street Boutique, Cargo Container

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Two special use permits approved this week will allow a new boutique to offer cosmetic tattooing on Main Street and allow a cargo container to remain at 1400 College St.

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Both permits were presented April 20 to the Sulphur Springs Planning and Zoning Commission, which then recommended both to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals. The ZBA approved both at the April 21 meeting. Both meetings were conducted via Zoom conferencing due to COVID-19 precautions.

Cosmetic Tattoo Permit

Susie Dunn asked both groups for permission to allow her to perform cosmetic tattoos at a new store, Susie Q’s Boutique and Permanent Cosmetics, to be located at 213 Main St. on the downtown square.

Community Development Director Tory Niewiadomski reported 38 letters had been sent to property owners within 200 feet of the property. They received three responses back. One was in opposition to the proposed permit and two would allow the permit, one was specifically in favor of permitting Dunn to provide cosmetic tattoos to cover scars and blemishes after a surgery.

Susie Dunn requested a special use permit to be allowed to offer cosmetic tattooing at a new shop, Susie Q’s Boutique and Permanent Cosmetics, at 213 Main St.

Niewiadomski said of the three other businesses that have requested special use permits for tattooing to operate in the city, two were granted permission and one was declined over the last two years. The denial was for what would be a full tattoo parlor.

Dunn explained that this would not be a “tattoo parlor.” She noted she is a registered nurse and has also received the skills training and certification to help people who have cancer and to remove tattoos for people joining the military. For instance, Dunn uses her skill to help a breast cancer survivor whose had a mastectomy and reconstruction have what appears to be a normal areola. She can also help those experiencing alopecia by creating eyebrows and the like.

Dunn says she’s already providing this service and currently has people waiting her to be allowed to resume operations following the COVID-19 measures.

Susie Dunn’s husband told the ZBA members that his wife is “one of the two best in the country at what she does.” He explained that doctors call her and refer their patients to her for medical issues. She helps breast cancer survivors look as natural as possible. She has people not just from the area and Dallas, but people who come from as far away as California and New York for her services.

Robert Cote, who was in November was granted permission to open a tattoo studio on Houston Street, said he supports Dunn and thinks what she does is amazing. However, he asked, from a legal standpoint, for clarification regarding what would be allowed with the permit and any potential broader impact from granting the permit.

Niewiadomski said the request is for cosmetic tattooing only. Any tattooing outside of that would violate the terms of the special use permit for cosmetic only tattooing.

“Everything I do is for the public. I do not and will not do body tattoos,” she told the Zoning Board of Adjustments Tuesday night.

Dunn emphasized she will not have anyone else in her shop performing tattoos either.

“I don’t tattoo at all. It’s permanent makeup,” Dunn said.

The state classifies all tattooing, whether regular art tattooing or cosmetic tattooing, the same. A tattoo breaks the skin and inserts ink under the skin, it was pointed out.

After a couple of different motions that failed to receive full approval, the motion was finally approved by the ZBA to grant a special use permit to Susie Dunn for cosmetic tattooing specific to the terms the applicant requested.

Cargo Container Permit

Texas Animal Health Commission asked the city to renew the special use permit allowing a cargo/shipping container on one corner of a 4-acre tract at 1400 College St.

Texas Animal Health Commission asked the city to consider renewing the special use permit allowing a cargo/shipping container to remain in place at 1400 College St.

The container, located at the southwest corner of the nearly 4-acre site, is used for secure storage of product for TAHC. It is off the edge of the parking lot in an open area near a tree lined/screened area, behind an auto repair shop on Shannon Road.

According to Niewiadomski, the container has been at that location for the last year, and in that time city staff have received no inquires about it. Ten letters were sent to property owners within 200 feet of the property notifying them of the permit request, and offering a chance to weigh in either for, again or undecided. City staff received no responses.

TAHC owns the container. The commission indicated a desire to remain at that location indefinitely.

The Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved the request and forwarded it to the ZBA with a recommendation that the special use permit be approved for TAHC for three years.

The commission’s request for a special use permit to keep the container on site was approved as recommended Tuesday.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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