Sulphur Springs Public Library to Start Summer Reading Program Early

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Summer Reading Program is a long awaited event for our families here in
Hopkins County!

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The excitement leading up to and during summer reading program is
invaluable as it provides incentive and encouragement to children to keep reading over the summer. Our goal is to instill a love of reading for pleasure and strengthen families through time spent together.

With the sudden changes to our community and schools, the library feels it important to begin the Summer Reading Program early this year and offer online access to the reading logs.

Sulphur Springs Public Library is pleased to launch our online reading program app on May 4, 2020. Please watch our Facebook page for the most up to date information and app information. Participants can log minutes, online with the app or by picking up a paper form at the front desk. Prizes can be redeemed on or after their opening dates at the front desk or curbside delivery (depending on whether the library is open at that time).

Since the program is longer than usual, our challenge to the students is to
log 1000 minutes of reading between May 1 and July 30. There are exciting prizes awarded at 7 stages along the way. There will also be fun Missions to be completed for additional points: including checking out our STEM kits for fun science based projects. The library staff is happy to be here for you, and can help at every step of the way!

Right now, the library is staffed, answering the telephone, and delivering
books curbside Monday through Friday 9-6. Sulphur Springs Public Library, 903-885-4926,

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Author: Matt Janson

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