Wildcats, Lady Cats Soccer Stats For 2020 Season

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 A recent visitor to the ksstradio.com website requested some soccer stats. After a review of reports on all Wildcats and Lady Cats’ soccer games this season, here are some unofficial statistics from KSST Sports Director Don Julian.

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For the Wildcats, their leading goal scorer is Omar Hernandez with 11 goals. Kevin Yaniz has 8 goals. Alejandro Diosdado has 7 goals. Other Wildcats scorers include Nabian Ramirez with 3, Angel Andino, David Moreno and Christian Ramirez with 2 each and Manuel Esparza, Uriel Santacruz, Jose Salazar and Isaac Gutierrez with 1 apiece. Top Wildcat in assists is Yanez with 11. Others include Hernandez, Ricardo Torres and Santacruz with 2 each and Christian Palomino and Diasdido with 1 apiece.

The Wildcats have shutout six opponents this season and their season record is 13-6-5 with a district mark of 7-2.

For the Lady Cats, freshman Rebekah Stanley has 21 goals and senior Haley Robinson has 17. Ashley Noe has 9 goals. Janine Yamaguchi has 6 goals. Other Lady Cats goal scorers include Katelyn Robinson with 3, Vanessa Lara with 2 and Lisseth Carmona and Elizabeth Reyes with 1 each. Stanley also tops with Lady Cats with 15 assists. Haley Robinson and Yamaguchi have 5 apiece. Maurie Flecker, Lara and Noe have 2 each. Emily Soto, Reyes, Katelyn Robinson and Carmona have 1 each.

The Lady Cats have three shutouts. Their season record is 10-9-1 and their district mark is 6-3.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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