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Wildcats Jesse Carrillo and George Greenway Qualify For State Powerlifting Meet

Wildcats’ powerlifters Jesse Carrillo and George Greenway qualfied for the State Powerlifting Meet in Abilene on March 28 at the Regional Meet held Wednesday (March 4) in Pine Tree. Carrillo, competing in the 148 pound weight class finished in second place Wednesday. Wildcats Powerlifting Coach Casey Jeter said Carrillo had personal bests in squat and bench press and had to lift 460 pounds in dead lift to reach the 1200 pound state qualifying total. So Carrillo made the State Meet in two ways, since top two Regional finishers also qualify. Greenway, a senior, lifted in the 198 pound weight class and finished third. However Greenway lifted enough weight, 1535 pounds, to qualify 135 pounds over the state qualifying total of 1400 pounds. Showing the toughness of the region, Greenway finished third in the region but he is also #3 in the state. Coach Jeter said tough regional judges required lifters to get down exceptionally low on squats. Greenway, at previous meets had squatted 700 pounds. Wednesday he got 620 pounds. A 700 pound squat at the regional meet would have tied the state record. Coach Jeter took nine lifters to the Regonal Meet Wednesday. Austin McCain, in the 114 pound weight class, matched his top totals done at other meets. Sophomore Juan Hernandez, in the 148-pound weight class, finished eighth and had personal bests in all three lifts. Freshman Matthew Mitchell, in the 181 pound weight class, finished tenth in the region and had personal bests in all three lifts. Junior Ryan Carrillo, in the 181-pound weight class, finished third. He needed a 520 pound dead lift to achieve the state qualifying total. Coach Jeter said he just missed making the lift. In the 220-pound weight class, sophomore Chad Menard finished eighth in the region.

black barbell weight powerlift
black barbell weight powerlift

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Author: Matt Janson

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