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Runoff Expected Between Flynn, Slaton For District 2 State Representative

The Republican Texas Representative, District 2, election appears to be headed to a May runoff. Although incumbent Dan Flynn finished 9.24 percent ahead of Slaton and 14.18 percent head of Dwayne “Doc” Collins, none of the candidates received over 50 percent of the overall votes, according to the unofficial counts posted by the Secretary of State’s office.

Overall, Flynn received 14,044 votes or 44.47 percent for the three counties in District 2. Slaton finished with 11.127 votes or 35.23 percent of the overall votes cast. Collins receive 6,409 votes or 20.29 percent for the three counties.

Incumbent Dan Flynn came in just head of Bryan Slaton in Hopkins County, 2007 votes to 1978 votes, or 43.06 percent to 42.44 percent. Dwayne “Doc” Collins received 676 votes or 14.5 percent of ballots cast in Hopkins County.

Flynn had a bigger lead in Van Zandt County, receiving 6,260 votes or 43.31 percent. Collins edges ahead of Slaton in Van Zandt County with 4,183 votes, which amounted to 28.94 percent, to Slaton’s 4,011 votes or 27.75 percent.

In Hunt County, Flynn received 5,777 votes or 46.35 percent in Hunt County. Bryan Slaton finished with 5,138 votes or 41.22 percent for the three counties. Dwayne “Doc” Collins received 1,550 votes or 12.43 percent of the overall Republican votes in the three counties.

Bill Brannon

The winner of that election will face Democrat Bill Brannon in the General Election in November. Brannon did not draw a challenger for the Democratic Party nomination for District 2 State Representative. Brannon received 941 votes Tuesday, 266 in early voting, 121 absentee and 554 on Election Day.

Author: Faith Huffman

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