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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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Chimdi Mfebe, Nurse Practitioner

New to the CHRISTUS Sulphur Springs family is Nurse Practitioner Chimdi Mfebe, now on staff in Dr. Mena Milad’s office of Gastroenterology. A delight to talk with, Chimdi’s passion for her work and patients was evident during her KSST Good Morning Show interview on Friday March 6, 2020. She has been a nurse for eleven years, having obtained a Master’s degree at Chamberlain University College of Nursing in Chicago, Illinois. After having studied a few different specialties including Neurology, the study of the nervous system, and Nephrology, which concerns liver function, she found she had a passion for the field of Gastroenterology. Chimdi is already seeing and treating a number of patients within Dr. Milad’s practice.

“March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and especially right now, we are spreading the word that you can promote a healthy digestive tract, keep your colon healthy and live longer, too, by adopting a low-fat diet and regular exercise. A colonoscopy, or colon screening, can help your doctor rule out disease and monitor other health issues, as well as suggest a treatment plan if disease is present. Also, there are new treatments for Hepatitis C, so patients who have had this condition need to see their doctor to find out more about the new 8 to12-week treatment cycle, which can be prescribed to make possible a 100% cure of HepC with the daily pill treatment”, stated Chimdi. “I am excited to meet patients at our clinic, and be part of the CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital Sulphur Springs team of care providers!”

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Author: Enola Gay

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