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Hopkins County Clarifies COVID-19 Testing

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As nationwide testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to increase, so do the complexities of accurate numbers of overall tests and positive results. With both private labs, and state-run labs doing testing, accurate numbers of how many people have been tested in one county is almost impossible. Adding in the possibility that Hopkins County residents may go outside the county for testing, or other residents not living in Hopkins County come into our count for testing, the numbers get confusing quickly. Also, we have a number of health professionals working for different providers. If and when, a POSITIVE test result is returned from someone living in Hopkins County, the State of Texas will be notified immediately, no matter if a public or private lab, and then Hopkins County officials will be notified. The limited public dissemination of any information will then follow HIPPA guidelines to protect patient’s privacy but any CONFIRMED cases in Hopkins County will be known to authorites immediately after State notification, and that confirmed report will be announced through normal media outlets.

At this time, an estimated 31 screenings have been sent in for testing. Again, none have been returned with positive results. Testing, at this time, can take up to 3-7 days for a result. The testing turnaround time is expected to get shorter soon.

The following is a formal statement on estimated number of COVID-19 screenings.

Author: Chad Young

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