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Booms Around Hopkins County

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No one seem to have a explanation for the ‘booms’ heard around Hopkins County this year.

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The most recent one heard by KSST Staff was Sunday March 8th, 2020 at 8:50PM. It shook the windows.

Plausible explanations

Sonic Booms. Aircraft heading to or from Dallas could be to blame. Especially if the booms are loudest under known flight corridors, or around air navigation points like Sulphur Springs Airport. Meteors can cause sonic booms.

Tannerite. Detonation of explosives could be causing these booms. Speculation about the product known as Tannerite has been a persistent suspect. Social media is packed with videos demonstrating explosions caused by commercially available Tannerite.

A cannon. A cannon being fired could cause these noises. Black powder cannon’s are legal in Texas.

A propane cannon might cause these booms. They can be deplayed to scare off animals.

What can we do?

KSST has created on online form for people to report these ‘booms’. We will try to create a map of the reports and give some idea of where the booms are occurring. Who know’s if we can glean any useful information.

Click here to open the form.

Jet aircraft creating a sonic boom.
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