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Hopkins County Resident Gets Controlled Substance Case Dismissed

Cindy Lynn Dunn was arrested by Sulphur Springs Police on 4/16/2019. She was charged with attempting to use a fraudulent prescription to obtain Schedule III drugs. See original post on here.

KSST published public information about the arrest including a mugshot. Once the case was dismissed, Cindy Dunn asked KSST to publish an new article with her side of the story. She is proud to say her case was officially dismissed January 31st, 2020.

KSST contacted District Attorney Will Ramsay for comment by telephone on Friday February 7th, 2020. To protect Dunn’s privacy, Ramsay had no comment on matter.

Cindy Lynn Dunn has spent the last few days trying to get back to a normal life. Her fiance and emotional support dog ‘Kito’ have supported her all the way.

The Day of Her Arrest

Dunn explained to KSST that the forged script that she presented to a Sulphur Springs pharmacy in April 2019 was actually for a friend. Her friend was unable to make the trip to a pharmacy, and Dunn was simply helping him out. Her friend had recently been shot in the leg, and was in pain during his recuperation from surgery.

Cindy Lynn Dunn and her Emotional Support Dog ‘Kito’

She had helped her friend fill several prescriptions in the past. Dunn says the reason she didn’t even look at the prescription before presenting it was because she was in a hurry. That day, Dunn says she chose to full the script at a different pharmacy than usual. She feels that may have complicated matters.

Dunn knew something was amiss when two Sulphur Springs Police Officers entered the pharmacy and began questioning her. “I told them that if there was something wrong with the prescription that I did not want to fill it,” Dunn said. When police asked who the prescription was for, She was able to contact the friend by phone. Police talked with the friend, and after the phone call was over, she was arrested. Dunn could not hear the call, but suspects the friend told police that the script was valid when he gave it to Dunn.

Inside the Hopkins County Jail

Cindy says she was frantic until she was able to contact family members. Ordinarily she travels everywhere with her emotional support dog, but on that particular pharmacy trip, she left ‘Kito’ at home. “I kept pleading with jail staff to let me call my family so they could check on my dog.” Dunn says she was given access to a payphone, but was unable to connect with a family member. Word of the arrest did reach family members that evening, and ‘Kito’ was found safe.

She was arraigned the day after arrest, and posted bond that afternoon.

Dunn says she recently passed a ‘follicle test’ for drugs. She feels that test, plus a letter written and submitted by the man the prescription belonged to precipitated the decision to dismiss. In the letter, the friend took all the blame for the misunderstanding.

What lies ahead

Dunn is excited for the future. Before her arrest, she worked as a councilor in a nearby Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility. She is currently working to open her own version of a halfway house in Tyler, TX. Once the new facility is purchased and remodeled, she wants to again use her counseling skills to help others.

Dunn and two other board members have picked out a large house, and are working on financials. She intends to continue to solicit donations and eventually turn those resources into a nurturing place for men to come and live after they get out of prison. “The name of the center will be Freedom Faith. The facility will not be coed, we will have men only.” said Dunn.

Dunn had previously been working to create a halfway house in Sulphur Springs, TX, but stated that zoning was a huge issue.

Cindy Lynn Dunn promised KSST to keep sending updates on her progress. publishes Sulphur Springs Police Department reports and news. The Police Department is located at 125 Davis St., Sulphur Springs, Texas. Non-emergency calls can be made to (903) 885-7602.

If you have an emergency dial 9-1-1.

The Sulphur Springs Police Department continues to serve its citizens with pride in its overall mission and will strive to provide the best possible police force in the 21st century.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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