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Road Work Begins At Woodbridge Crossing

Entrance to Woodbridge Crossing

Work is under way to repair the road into Woodbridge Crossing, where drainage issues have been identified. The project is a collaborative effort, with the homeowners association contracting with the city to do the work on Woodbridge Drive, according to city officials.

The road has three pipes under the street spanning from the pond one side to the pond on the other side of the street. At least part of the drainage mechanism has collapsed, according to the city manager.

The ponds on both sides of the road are being drained, to allow work crews to assess damages and determined what additional work is needed. The culverts are targeted to be replaced, according to the city community development director.

The road into the housing addition will be impassable while repair work is being done, so a temporary road is to be built by the city, according to the city officials.

The work is expected to take a while, with Valentine’s Day targeted as a completion date for the work, but depending on weather and extent of work could take longer, according to the city manager.

Work is under way to repair drainage issues on Woodbridge Drive. A temporary road will be designated for residents of Woodbridge Crossing to use during construction.

Author: Faith Huffman

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