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Wildcats Tie for Third, Lady Cats Take Fourth at Emory Rains Powerlifting Meet Saturday

Wildcats and Lady Cats Powerlifting Coach Casey Jeter said his teams had a very good meet Saturday (January 25) at Emory. It was the second meet of the season for the teams. The Wildcats tied for third place and the Lady Cats, despite having only three lifters, placed fourth. All three Lady Cats lifters placed. Addy Lamb was second in the 123-pound weight class. Coach Jeter said she squatted 240 pounds, bench pressed 90 pounds and dead lifted 255 pounds. Rorie Young lifted a total of 540 pounds in the 148 pound weight class including a 225 pound squat, 90 pound bench press and 225 pound dead lift. Sable Erdmier won the 165 pound weight class and Coach Jeter said she would have placed in the boys’ competition in that class. Erdmier set a personal record with a 325 pound squat, had a 115 pound bench press and a 350 pound dead lift. For the Wildcats, in the 114 pound weight class, Austin McCain not only placed but achieved his goal of finishing ahead of someone. McCain squatted 150 pounds, bench pressed 100 pounds and dead lifted 200 pounds. In the 148-pound weight class, Jesse Carrillo did not set any personal records but still claimed first place. In the 181-pound weight class, Ryan Carrillo set a personal record in the dead lift with 425 pounds and he finished fifth. George Greenway, moving up to the 220-pound weight class, had another monster day improving his squat from 600 to 640 and dead lift from 550 to 575. Coach Jeter said Greenway is current the #1 lifter in his weight class and is #2 in the state. Also in the 220-pound weight class, Chad Manard finished fourth lifting 1170 pounds with a 475 pound squat, 245 pound bench press and 425 pound dead lift. Saturday marked the first ever powerlifting meet for Wildcats football offensive lineman Somjai Pryor. Coach Jeter said Pryor surprised everyone by scoring points with a 440 pound squat, 240 pound bench press and 420 pound dead lift. The Wildcats and Lady Cats lift next at a Paris Meet on February 13.

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Author: Matt Janson

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